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Pace University communications professor Kate Fink talks with other professors about their lives and their work.


  • Episode 6: Matthew Aiello-Lammens

    Episode 6: Matthew Aiello-Lammens

    21/05/2016 Duration: 08min

    Matthew Aiello-Lammens in the Department of Environmental Studies and Science talks about hiking, poop, and biodiversity. Mostly poop, though. And that's a wrap for Pace Profs, at least until the fall! If you have ideas for future episodes, email me:

  • Episode 5: Hasan Arslan

    Episode 5: Hasan Arslan

    09/05/2016 Duration: 06min

    Criminal Justice assistant professor Hasan Arslan talks Turkey, the U.S., terrorism, and... coupons?

  • Episode 4: Stephanie Allen

    Episode 4: Stephanie Allen

    22/04/2016 Duration: 06min

    Assistant Professor of Nursing Stephanie Allen talks about why nursing-patient assignments are so important in health care, and indulges my curiosity about whether you can buy anything from a vending machine in Japan.

  • Episode 3: Mike Finewood

    Episode 3: Mike Finewood

    16/04/2016 Duration: 06min

    Environmental Studies and Sciences professor Mike Finewood explains how he went from college dropout to superstar academic.

  • Episode 2: Aaron Steiner

    Episode 2: Aaron Steiner

    08/04/2016 Duration: 04min

    Biology professor Aaron Steiner blinds me with science. (Science!)

  • Episode 1: Jared Manasek

    Episode 1: Jared Manasek

    01/04/2016 Duration: 04min

    Welcome to Pace Profs, a series of edited interviews I conducted with Pace University professors about their work and their lives. Thanks to Jared Manasek (seen here in his special chair)!