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Just an average Joe rambling about everyday life. I talk hockey, life, cool news and ask questions. Criticism is welcomed and encouraged.


  • Let Me Speak 4

    Let Me Speak 4

    12/05/2017 Duration: 28min

    Hey folks, in this episode I talk hockey playoffs, my diet, DIY, and Concealed carrying.

  • Let Me Speak 3

    Let Me Speak 3

    29/04/2017 Duration: 36min

    In this episode, I talk tailgating, movies and entertainment, my dieting, and Lots of hockey talk.

  • Let Me Speak 2

    Let Me Speak 2

    15/04/2017 Duration: 35min

    Hey folks! In this episode I talk about hockey, adventures at walmart, neutropics, LSD and other drugs. Also go into college and what I'm going back to school for.

  • Let Me Speak 1

    Let Me Speak 1

    06/04/2017 Duration: 29min

    First episode! New to this so criticize away. I talk about hockey, a college party, and a Russian guy getting a head transplant.