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MediStrategy with Kip Piper offers lively, informative interviews with healthcare leaders and insights on hot business and policy issues in Medicare, Medicaid, and health reform. Health executives, policymakers, entrepreneurs, authors, and other influencers share challenges and opportunities in Americas rapidly changing $3.2 trillion health care system. MediStrategy is hosted by Kip Piper, a national expert on Medicaid, Medicare, and health reform. An influential consultant, speaker, and author, Kip Piper advises health plans, hospitals and health systems, states, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, medical device and diagnostics companies, and investment firms. Kip Piper blogs on health business and policy issues at Learn more at and follow on Twitter @KipPiper.


  • MediStrategy Ep 11 - Juan Pablo Segura, Babyscripts

    16/05/2017 Duration: 01h06min

    MediStrategy with Kip Piper Episode 11: Improving Prenatal Care and Birth Outcomes Via Mobile Technology: Interview with Juan Pablo Segura of Babyscripts Summary What if we could eliminate preterm birth by 2027? There’s an app for that. That is the moonshot goal of Babyscripts, a new model in pregnancy management that seeks to improve prenatal care and birth outcomes by supporting both pregnant moms and their physicians. The app has been adopted by several of the nation’s top health systems, including MedStar Health, George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, Northwestern Medicine, UT Physicians, and Aurora Health. A graduate of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Juan Pablo Segura is the Co-founder and President of Babyscripts, the only doctor-delivered digital health tool that employs remote monitoring and big data to detect problems sooner. The innovative Babyscripts technology has been recognized by Startup Health as a ‘Healthcare Transformer’ and by CTIA as a ‘Wireless Lifechanger.’ T

  • MediStrategy Ep 10 - Nancy Kohler, Value-Based Purchasing

    16/05/2017 Duration: 52min

    MediStrategy with Kip Piper Episode 10: Value-Based Purchasing with Healthcare Consultant Nancy Kohler of Sellers Dorsey Summary Savvy consumers seek the best value for their money, evaluating the benefits of a product prior to purchase. Elsewhere in the economy, it seems obvious that we should hold a manufacturer accountable for delivering a quality product. With health care reform, this concept has at last been applied to medical care via the value-based purchasing model. Rather than simply paying fee-for-service which rewards volume, health care consumers, health plans, and purchasers - state Medicaid programs, federal Medicare program, and employers - can hold providers responsible for outcomes. As a consultant with Sellers Dorsey, Nancy Kohler provides assistance in federal and state health policy issues, financial analysis, and project management. Before joining the firm, she played a key role in the implementation and operational aspects of the Statewide Quality Care Assessment for the Pennsylvania Dep

  • MediStrategy Ep 09 - Bill Lucia of HMS on Medicaid Program Integrity

    11/05/2017 Duration: 56min

    MediStrategy with Kip Piper Episode 09:  Fighting Healthcare Fraud and Ensuring Medicaid Program Integrity: Interview with Bill Lucia, Chairman and CEO, HMS Summary “Fighting health care fraud is like playing Whac-A-Mole.” Our nation’s $3.2 trillion healthcare system is a complex beast. To ensure its integrity, we must combat a range of issues – from unintentional errors to criminal activity. Today’s guest is an industry leader in leveraging data analytics and the benefit of a national perspective to identify bad actors and ensure that Medicaid is the ‘payer of last resort.’ Bill Lucia is Chairman and CEO of HMS Holdings, the nation’s largest and most successful company dedicated to providing the broadest range of healthcare cost containment solutions to help purchasers, plans, and at-risk providers improve performance. HMS works with 45 state Medicaid programs, 250 health plans, Medicare, large employers, and provider organizations to help contain costs and protect our nation’s healthcare system from fraud,

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 08 - Gil Carrara, MD on Physician Recruiting

    25/11/2016 Duration: 50min

    MediStrategy with Kip Piper Episode 08 - Recruiting Top Physician Talent: Interview with Gil Carrara, MD, Leading Health Care Executive Recruiter This episode offers valuable insight into recruiting physicians for leadership, management, clinical, and scientific roles. Today's competitive policy landscape has fundamentally changed physician recruiting. Industry leader Dr. Gil Carrara discusses the changes in health care recruiting, and what health care organizations need to know to identify, recruit, and retain top physician talent. He offers tips for aspiring executives and physician leaders who want to position themselves for advancement. Topics covered also include how the new public rating systems for physicians, hospitals, and other providers is changing the industry and how “people analytics” are transforming recruitment, hiring, assessment, and retention practices. Understanding new developments in physician recruiting and retention is critically important to health insurers, hospitals and health syste

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 07 - David Lansky, PhD, Value-Based Health Care Purchasing

    01/08/2016 Duration: 42min

    Value-Based Health Care and Purchaser Value Network: Interview with David Lansky, PhD, President and CEO, Pacific Business Group on Health Today’s episode is about value-based health care and the Purchaser Value Network, a new nationwide initiative to educate key purchaser sectors – private employers, states, and federal purchasers – on value-based purchasing and to leverage best practices and lessons learned to accelerate the adoption of value-based payment and care delivery reforms.  Kip Piper interviews David Lansky, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Business Group on Health on the Purchaser Value Network.  Led by the Pacific Business Group on Health or PBGH, the Purchaser Value Network is a network of and for purchasers that aims to accelerate the adoption of high value healthcare delivery and payment models through policy advocacy, education and training, and purchaser engagement.  It is an effort to inject purchaser perspectives and innovative best practices into federal and stat

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 06 - Nona Footz, Life Sciences Industry Recruiting

    12/12/2015 Duration: 34min

    Board Director and Executive Recruiting in Life Sciences Companies: Interview with Nona Footz, Managing Director, RSR Partners The life sciences companies are looking for new board members and senior executives.  In this episode, learn how pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostics, and medical device firms find new board directors, chief executive officers, and other leadership talent.  Nona K. Footz, managing director of RSR Partners, explains how the needs of the life sciences industry have changed dramatically, with companies now seeking different backgrounds and experience for open board director and c-suite positions.  Ms. Footz shares valuable insights into today’s search process, explains how retained recruiters work with companies, and offers advice on working effectively with recruiters.  Nona Footz and her colleagues are on the web at www.RSR and on Twitter @RSRPartners. The MediStrategy podcast covers hot business and policy issues in Medicaid, Medicare, and health reform, wit

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 5 - Murray Aitken, Healthcare Big Data

    23/08/2015 Duration: 47min

    Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare: Interview with Murray Aitken, Executive Director, IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics and SVP, IMS HealthMurray Aitken, one of the world’s top experts on health informatics, discusses the impact of big data on healthcare and the strategic implications for health insurers, hospitals, physicians, consumers, life sciences firms, and government health programs.  In this fascinating interview with Kip Piper, Mr. Aitken explains how and why health information and analytics are driving rapid change in the organization, reimbursement, and delivery of healthcare and in medical innovation.Murray Aitken, MBA, is senior vice president of IMS Health and executive director of the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.  Using IMS Health’s extraordinary wealth of data and analytical tools, the Institute provides insights and information to help decision makers improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.  Their fascinating, information rich reports are available at w

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 4 – Kevin Lewis, CEO, Community Health Options

    23/08/2015 Duration: 37min

    Health Insurance Exchanges and Health Plan Business: Interview with Kevin Lewis, CEO, Community Health Options Kevin Lewis, CEO of Community Health Options, shares insights on health insurance exchanges and the health plan business under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  In this informative interview with Kip Piper, Mr. Lewis describes what it is like to launch and operate a new health plan in today’s dynamic environment. He shares Community Health Options’ strategic approach to competition, marketing, communications, premiums, provider networks, operations, and governance.  Kevin Lewis, one of the nation’s brightest young healthcare executives, joined Community Health Options in April 2012 as its first CEO.  Previously, he was CEO of the Maine Primary Care Association, where he led numerous initiatives to improve health care access for underserved populations and represented Maine’s community health centers.  He also served as director of continuing care at the Maine Hospital Association and as legislative lia

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 3 - Norbert Goldfield, MD

    01/01/2015 Duration: 55min

    Health Payment Reform and Outcomes Measurement: Interview with Norbert Goldfield, MD.Norbert Goldfield, MD, one of the nation’s top healthcare thought leaders, describes innovations in outcomes-based payment of physicians, hospitals, and other providers.  Robust, data-driven systems providing timely, actionable information are essential to replacing traditional, inefficient fee-for-service reimbursement with outcomes-based, analytically sound payment models that align provider finances with clinical and economic performance. In an information-packed interview with Kip Piper, Dr. Goldfield discusses advances in linking reimbursement to patient outcomes.  A passionate, influential, and engaging expert on payment reform and outcomes measurement, Dr. Norbert Goldfield is medical director for 3M Health Information Systems.  For over 20 years he has implemented payment systems linked to quality and outcomes.  Most recently, he has worked on practical implementation of payment systems and analytics for episodes of i

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 2 - Matt Salo on Medicaid

    01/01/2015 Duration: 01h37min

    Medicaid and State Medicaid Directors: Interview with Matt Salo of NAMD.Matt Salo, executive director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD), speaks with Kip Piper about massive changes underway in the $540 billion Medicaid program. Topics covered include implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), state Medicaid directors’ priorities for payment reform and delivery reform, the critically important role of state Medicaid directors, and the challenges faced by state Medicaid executives.  Learn more about the National Association of Medicaid Directors at 

  • MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 1 - Introduction

    01/01/2015 Duration: 04min

    Introduction to MediStrategy with Kip Piper.This episode introduces listeners to MediStrategy, the podcast on Medicaid, Medicare, and health reform. Host Kip Piper, an influential consultant, speaker, and author, describes how MediStrategy provides lively, informative interviews with health executives, policymakers, entrepreneurs, authors, and other influencers, with valuable insights on hot business and policy issues in American healthcare.