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Music playlist podcasts curated to a topic or theme. Voiced by Christina Morgan-Meldrum (AKA Quirky) and Neil Lithgow (AKA Chenille). Quirky and Chenille offer, insights and thoughts on who made the list and why. But it's not all fun and frivolity, there are facts to wrap your head around and rules too (mostly by Chenille).


  • Social Justice P2 S03E26

    22/02/2018 Duration: 35min

    This episode picks up from our last social justice podcast and takes it to a whole new level! Covering the ills of the world!

  • Social Justice Pt 1 S03E25

    07/02/2018 Duration: 24min

    "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" - Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. Maybe not rotten, but so not right either! Welcome to Social Justice - anti-establishment Part 1. A topic so big we had to split it into two. Enjoy the first episode, with the Part 2 coming in a fortnight, which will be even more anarchic!

  • Bogan Anthems S03E24

    24/01/2018 Duration: 37min

    Dust off your flannie, put on your mockies, crack open a VB, light up a Winnie Blue before you turn on the V8's .... and all rise for the Bogan National Anthems! We take a light hearted look at what songs would be bogan national anthems (and - spoiler alert - we secretly like some of them!)

  • Quirkuary 2018 S03E23

    10/01/2018 Duration: 34min

    Happy Birthday Month, Quirky! As a gift to everyone, I am sharing my top 12 'Obscure (read Quirky) Aussie bands of the 80's'. Not all the songs are obscure and some are even signature songs. Maybe there will be something new for you, or a bit of nostalgia, the perfect mix. I am looking for my top 3-5 acts on CD or vinyl, so let me know if you come across them. Enjoy! Let us know what you think. Did you know all, none or somewhere in between of the acts (there's no shame either way)? Take care, Christina (aka Quirky)

  • TV Themes SO2E22

    28/12/2017 Duration: 38min

    What awesome TV theme tune did Chenille only remember halfway through the podcast? Which TV theme tune would Bob Downe be awesome singing? Which TV show could hold a young Quirky's attention? Did I also forget The Golden Girls? Ah well...

  • Neilvember 17 S02E21

    28/11/2017 Duration: 53min

    It's Neilvember time again and it's time to get your grunge on. Happy Birthday Neil.

  • World Music S02E20

    22/09/2017 Duration: 33min

    We discuss our favourite songs that are in a language other than English – under the pretentious title of “World Music”. We ponder many things: Which songs are destined to be on chillout compilations for the rest of their lives? Is it possible to gently woo someone in German? And which “really hard” 80s dance craze did Quirky pick up really quickly? Plus, the “Sliding Door” moment where Tina Arena could have been Chenille’s sister-in-law.

  • Rain S02E19

    07/09/2017 Duration: 40min

    Ahhh the soothing sound of rain! In this podcast we discuss our top songs about rain. Hear Quirky lament the dangers of buying an album when you only like one song. Does DJ Colin Gaff have an obsession with rain? Find out which decade seemed to have an abundance or rain related songs.

  • Horse's Birthday S02E18

    30/07/2017 Duration: 30min

    Giddy up! Happy Birthday to all Southern Hemisphere horses! Enjoy this music podcast made for you, especially Hondo Grattan - you little beauty. Do we have you intrigued? All will be revealed in the podcast.

  • Ridiculously Long S02E17

    21/06/2017 Duration: 43min

    You know that one person who uses 50 words when 10 would do? Here is the musical equivalent ! Brevity is definitely not the focus of these musicians when it comes to song titles, but we find a few gems hidden in the pile. Look out for the relationship between the length of the song title and the song quality.

  • Sweet Titles S02E16

    05/06/2017 Duration: 31min

    Want some honey, sugar? Quirky and Chenille explore all things Sweet in this podcast. If the song has the word "sweet" in it, we have probably talked about it ! Get your sugar high right here and, and/or continue the sugar rush by listening to the Spotify list as well. If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page, subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes and generally show us a bit of loving! :)

  • Movie Soundtracks S02E15

    03/05/2017 Duration: 39min

    Movies and their music get the Quirky and Chenille treatment in this podcast. There are some great tunes included in movies and we talk about our favourites and a few "Hall of Fame" composers.

  • Under the Covers S02E14

    07/04/2017 Duration: 48min

    Let’s get under the covers – classic ones, cool and very different ones, frequent ones and 2 inductees into the Covers Hall of Fame (a happy place we just invented !).

  • Songs that are questions S02 Ep13

    30/03/2017 Duration: 41min

    This podcast, Quirky & Chenille tackle the top 12 songs that are closed questions (that would be ones that merely require a “yes” or “no” answer). There’s a lot of love being spread around for the artists on this list, but there’s a very very special place reserved for Lenny Kravitz. Just sayin’…

  • St Patrick's Day S02E12

    15/03/2017 Duration: 39min

    Happy St Paddy's Day, listeners! Quirky and Chenille (aka Christina Morgan-Meldrum and Neil Lithgow) thought that it was an appropriate time to celebrate some of their favourite musical artists from the Emerald Isle (and one from next door that we're counting!). So polish up your claddagh, fill your cup with green Guinness and enjoy...

  • Super Creepy S02E11

    23/02/2017 Duration: 43min

    What makes a song creepy? Quirky and Chenille investigate a few songs that have an unintentional creep factor.

  • Carole King Tapestry Tribute S02E10

    08/02/2017 Duration: 46min

    Quirky & Chenille get together to celebrate the 46th anniversary of Carole King's album Tapestry

  • Quirkuary S02E09

    06/01/2017 Duration: 57min

    It's Quirky's (aka Christina's) birthday month and it's her chance to talk with Chenille about a selection of bands in her music collection beginning with "THE"

  • Kate-a-thon The Kate Bush Special S01E07

    05/01/2017 Duration: 51min

    To celebrate the release of Kate Bush's new live album "Before The Dawn", join Quirky & Chenille with very special guest star DJ Colin Gaff as we discuss how much we all love Kate and why !

  • Christmas S01E8

    05/01/2017 Duration: 26min

    Our Top 12 Songs of Christmas does not contain any carols ! Christmas is all about something else for us - so sit back and enjoy our top 12 song choices about food and alcohol !!!

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