Cd Baby Classical Podcast



Explore the best in independently-released Concert Hall music from the Baroque era through modern Avant Garde. CD Baby is home to thousands of fine Classical recordings and each month well share some highlights from our collection.


  • #03: A Modern Classic

    01/07/2010 Duration: 16min

    Albert Hurwit's Symphony No. 1 won the 2009 American Composer Competition. Hear the 3rd movement, Remembrance, performed by the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra and Klezmer Band.

  • #02: From Soundtracks to Soloist

    08/03/2010 Duration: 20min

    After 35 years as one of the most in-demand studio trumpet players in the world, Malcolm McNab steps into the foreground with his exquisite debut solo recording.

  • #01: Begin with Brahms

    28/01/2010 Duration: 10min

    David Requiro (cello) and Elizabeth DeMio (piano) perform the first movement of Cello Sonata No. 2 by Brahms.