Couch Sex Club



Picture three people sitting on a couch, with a beverage of their choice, chatting informally about human sexuality without embarrassment. Listen to their personal stories about how it feels from awkward beginnings to adult mature experiences. The recordings carry an explicit tag. We need to add the disclaimer that we are not licensed to practice therapy or medicine and the stories you will hear are anecdotes not meant to suggest or dissuade listeners from trying it at home.


  • 07 - Animals, Oral & Pubes

    06/11/2015 Duration: 07min
  • Is Pubic Hair Exciting?

    03/11/2015 Duration: 34min
  • The Discovery of Self-Pleasuring

    20/10/2015 Duration: 39min
  • The Big O

    18/09/2015 Duration: 44min
  • Polyamory, Libido Enhancers, Rape

    09/09/2015 Duration: 41min
  • Female Vi@gra

    27/07/2015 Duration: 24min
  • 01 Session One Solo

    11/09/2014 Duration: 03min