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Welcome to Girl on Purpose Radio, Vivian Tenorio is the former CEO of Signature Flan turned radio and TV host and each weekday you are given the opportunity to listen in on her conversations, as she and her guests share the secrets to their successes, the spirited stories of their failures, as well as incredible tips and insights for starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur and finding fulfillment. They make it all relatable and doable; they're opening up their playbooks to pave the way for you to take their lead.


  • 060: Carrie Morey, Founder of Callies Charleston Biscuit

    060: Carrie Morey, Founder of Callie's Charleston Biscuit

    04/09/2014 Duration: 31min

    Carrie Morey had an early introduction to the food world courtesy of her mother, caterer extraordinaire, Callie White. The client favorite – Callie’s unique country ham biscuits. So in 2005, when Carrie convinced her mother to postpone retirement and start Callie’s Charleston Biscuits, devoted biscuit fans couldn’t have been happier. With seven different varieties of biscuits and retailers all over the country, Carrie never dreamed that success would taste so good – buttery good that is. Carrie has succeeded in building a business that works with balancing a growing family and can be passed down through generations. What was once a biscuit legendary in South Carolina has now become a favorite across America. Callie's Biscuits has appeared on the NBC Today Show and The Food Network’s hit television show Unwrapped. Carrie was chosen as one of Martha Stewarts’s “Dreamers into Doers”.   On Today's show Carrie will share: - Biggest business mistake - The 'Ah ha' moment that led you to launching your business - Gr

  • 059: Annie Lawless, Co-Founder of Suja Juice

    059: Annie Lawless, Co-Founder of Suja Juice

    02/07/2014 Duration: 25min

    Annie Lawless, Co-Founder of Suja Juice and Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), is a health and wellness guru, who embodies Suja’s underlying message that encourages people to live a long, beautiful life. She plays a key role at Suja, bringing years of experience and firsthand knowledge in holistic nutrition and well being to every aspect of the company. Annie developed a passion for health and nutrition as a teenager after years of managing her own food sensitivities. She saw her health vastly improve when she began juicing and following a modified organic diet. She later strengthened her knowledge for health and nutrition through her work as a yoga instructor and during her training at the Integrative Institute for Nutrition, where she spent time studying the health benefits of dietary and physical influences on the body and mind. She not only serves as a brand spokesperson, but also speaks regularly on the topics of juicing, natural health and wellness at some of the nation’s leading conferences and ev

  • 058: Leigh Foster and Rachel Virtue, Founders of Nella Pasta

    058: Leigh Foster and Rachel Virtue, Founders of Nella Pasta

    01/07/2014 Duration: 21min

    An oh-so-simple idea: to make pasta using the finest ingredients possible for superior quality, nutrition, and most importantly, taste. Our name in Italian means “in the” because what goes inside the pasta is the trademark of our products. So what exactly is in our pasta? A unique, handcrafted mixture of produce, artisanal cheese, our signature wheat blend, and a profound respect for the freshness you find in Italy. We choose vegetables picked locally and in season whenever possible; roast, sauté or steam them for the best flavor, and complement them with creative and unexpected ingredients like specialty cheeses, fresh herbs, nuts and dried fruits. Then there’s our secret ingredient, a sustainable food movement, which is blended into each pillowy bite. Put it all together and you have a truly exceptional ravioli that’s good for you too. A notion worth chewing over-- indeed!       On Today's show Leigh & Rachel will share: - Personal Mission Statement: We take care in making our product from how its made

  • 057: Autumn Martin, Founder/Chocolatier, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

    057: Autumn Martin, Founder/Chocolatier, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

    30/06/2014 Duration: 24min

    Autumn Martin is a proud 4th generation Washingtonian. She finds much inspiration in the natural elements found in the Pacific Northwest and is passionate about incorporating them into her creations—from innovative confections to the brand she’s created with Hot Cakes. Autumn founded Hot Cakes in 2008, selling the namesake, Take n Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in mason jars at Farmer’s Markets in Seattle. In May of 2012, she opened Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, an artisan dessert and craft cocktail bar featuring creative, small-batch desserts and fine spirits, to rave reviews. In April of 2013, St. Martin’s Press released herfirst book, Malts & Milkshakes: 60 Recipes for frosty, creamy, frozen treats. Autumn has developed a devoted following over the years, and she is highly respected for her innovative flavor profiles and commitment to creating quality products. Hot Cakes was awarded “Best Dessert” at the NW Chocolate Festival for the last three years and was honored with a “Best New Dessert” nod from

  • 056: Kate Schade, Founder and Chief Energy Officer of Kates Real Food

    056: Kate Schade, Founder and Chief Energy Officer of Kate's Real Food

    13/06/2014 Duration: 24min

    Long before Kate Schade became a business owner and whole foods advocate, she was a self-proclaimed ski bum.  Tram Bars, Kate’s preliminary food source for on-the-go fun, were made on off-days in her kitchen.  In line at 7:00 a.m., Kate would catch first box at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, ski all day, then grab a quick shower before slinging Italian food in the evenings. All the while, her Tram Bar pocket-fuel satiated any nourishment needs.The Tram Bar recipe evolved over time (consistent with Kate’s cupboard availabilities) and with each tweaking, the recipe perfected itself. Kate continued her routine; sometimes tossing bars to gawking, hung-over friends in the tramline. Still, she ignored her friends’ suggestions of starting a viable Tram Bar business. “Too much work,” she confessed before dropping into a powder-filled couloir. After years of poking and prodding by her sometimes-hostile comrades, Kate bit the bullet and became an entrepreneur.  While still working her night job and spending summers mana

  • 055: Jennifer Constantine, Founder of JCs Pie Pops

    055: Jennifer Constantine, Founder of JC's Pie Pops

    12/06/2014 Duration: 24min

    A happy accident in my kitchen just about 3 years ago led to the launch of my natural ice cream company in March of 2013 and the early success of our flagship product, JC's Pie Pops, which is growing like crazy and gaining mainstream popularity every day in grocery stores.   On Today's show Jennifer will share: - What are your top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs 1) Ask for advice but ultimately trust your own instincts. 2) Don't ever lose your passion and enthusiasm. If you do, you're in the wrong business. 3) Be confident in yourself and your brand. If you don't trust yourself, no one else will. - What has been your biggest business mistake I don't believe in mistakes. I believe in lessons and opportunities for betterment. My biggest lesson was realizing that I can't do everything by myself. At some point your business becomes bigger than you and you have to relinquish some control, delegate and let others help. - What do you think is the difference between people who talk about starting businesse

  • 054: Chris Kaiser, Founder of Vermont Peanut Butter Co.

    054: Chris Kaiser, Founder of Vermont Peanut Butter Co.

    11/06/2014 Duration: 30min

    Coming from a long history of sports and business.  Chris was a Division I full baseball scholarship recipient.  Playing and being involved around the minor and major  league baseball.   Received national accredited sports strength and conditioning certifications, and opened a training facility in Baltimore for, and upstate NY for athletes.   Later used his business degree to achieve a series 7, and 66 Financial Licenses and opened a Financial Planning Firm.  Modeled for various sports agencies, hosted a radio program in Baltimore MD,Ski patroller, avid mountain biker, back country snowboarder and is now also an athlete for BIC stand up paddle boards and surf boards.  Founded Vermont Peanut Butter in 2009 out of his kitchen.   On Today's show Chris will share: - What are your top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs Write your business plan thoughtfully.  When you think it is complete, write more, and turn over every “what if” scenario in your mind.   Be sure to have flexibility in your plan, as it may

  • 053: Casey Hickey, Founder of Twenty Degrees Chocolates

    053: Casey Hickey, Founder of Twenty Degrees Chocolates

    10/06/2014 Duration: 30min

    I have a degree in Journalism and Political Science from UNC-CH and worked in marketing, business development and fundraising for 13 years. In 2004 I moved to Paris to study pastry at Le Cordon Bleu. Later, I earned a Professional Chocolatier certification from École Chocolat and worked in several San Francisco-area pastry kitchens, including Scharffen Berger chocolate’s Café Cacao. I opened Petit Philippe – a wine and chocolate retail store and tasting room – with my husband in December 2010. We launched Twenty Degrees Chocolates (a brand of Petit Philippe) at the same time; the chocolate kitchen is housed within Petit Philippe. I’m the executive chocolatier and oversee another chocolatier while also managing all administrative and business development responsibilities for the chocolate brand.       On Today's show Casey will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement Never be afraid to try. Live with no regrets. - Biggest Business Mistake Not designing my chocolate kitchen appropriately to allow for gr

  • 052: Ellin Purdom, Director of Social Networking at Toffee Talk

    052: Ellin Purdom, Director of Social Networking at Toffee Talk

    09/06/2014 Duration: 27min

    In the investment world, Ellin Purdom is known to her clients as a Director of Client Services. But Ellin is also Catherine Hughes’ cousin and best friend. The two women grew up together in Piedmont and share memories of enjoying Catherine’s godmother’s hand-made toffee on holidays and special occasions. Ellin now lives in Marin County, California, and she and Catherine talk often, preferably over toffee. Not surprisingly, Ellin found the notion of publicizing Toffee Talk as irresistible as the candy itself. Thirty years experience in the investment advisory business have turned Ellin into a networker extraordinaire. She has deep roots in the Bay Area and loves meeting new people and helping them connect with others. Not surprisingly, Ellin has developed a passion for, and a great expertise in, marketing through social media. As Toffee Talk’s Director of Social Networking, Ellin uses Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google Plus to get the word out about Toffee Talk. Her efforts have gotten Toffee Talk feature

  • 050: Tito Beveridge, Founder of Titos Handmade Vodka

    050: Tito Beveridge, Founder of Tito's Handmade Vodka

    05/06/2014 Duration: 35min

    Tito Beveridge is a geophysicist with an unlikely path to becoming a famed micro distiller. In 1997, Tito fought for his right to open the first legal distillery in the state of Texas, a one-room shack that he hand-built himself. In his own rags-to-riches story, he has become the pioneer of the microdistillery industry in the U.S., and attained success through word-of-mouth and loyal followers. When Tito embarked on opening his own microdistillery he worked day and night in the one-room shack, cooking vodka and catching sleep whenever possible. In the fifteen years since, the original shack and original pot still is still standing -- in fact, and Tito uses it as his office! Many more pot stills have been added on, but the method remains the same. Tito still tastes every batch, making adjustments when necessary.   On Today's show Tito's will share: - His top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs - He shares his Aha moment - How Tony Robbins inspired him and helped him discover his passion - He shares how

  • 049: Amanda Bates and Kit Seay, Founders of Tiny Pies

    049: Amanda Bates and Kit Seay, Founders of Tiny Pies

    04/06/2014 Duration: 25min

    Kit and Amanda started Tiny Pies three years ago at the farmer’s market and it’s grown by leaps and bound since. The idea for Tiny Pies came from Amanda’s son’s wanting to take pie in their lunch to school. Tiny Pies bakes seasonally and sources ingredients from local farmers (when available). Pies are baked fresh daily with natural ingredients. Tiny Pies will open its’ first brick and mortar store on March 24, 2014.   On Today's show Amanda and Kit will share: - What are your top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs Top tips: 1. Trust your gut, (2) be fearless, (3) have faith in yourself. - What has been your biggest business mistake Our biggest business mistake was spending too much money on promotional materials and marketing in the first year. - What do you think is the difference between people who talk about starting businesses and those who actually do it I’ve found for me, that the more I talk about an idea the more energy and momentum the idea loses, thus, I try to keep my vision for the compan

  • 048: Trevor Ross, Founder and Brew Master of LIVE Kombucha Soda

    048: Trevor Ross, Founder and Brew Master of LIVE Kombucha Soda

    03/06/2014 Duration: 23min

    LIVE Kombucha Soda is the pioneer of better tasting Kombucha, providing a raw organic Kombucha that is not an acquired taste. Our founder, Trevor Ross wanted his family to be healthy, particularly his father who was a soda addict—so he set out to brew a Kombucha that combines all of its raw benefits with the popular taste of soda…Mission Accomplished! All LIVE Kombucha Soda products are USDA Organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredient LIVE Kombucha Soda began in Austin, Texas as one man's mission to improve the health of his family by crafting a kombucha that tastes like soda. Trevor Ross first experimented with small batches, tweaking spices and flavors until he got each one just right. His kombucha went above and beyond industry standards of quality and probiotic content using only the purest ingredients - always USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair-Trade, and 99% raw kombucha. Soon, friends and family were raving about the delicious taste and asking him to sell bottles of the

  • 047: David Israel, Founder of POP! Gourmet Snacks

    047: David Israel, Founder of POP! Gourmet Snacks

    16/05/2014 Duration: 30min

    David is a serial entrepreneur who has built several successful companies over the past three decades. The regional consumer financial services company Pawn X-Change that he founded in 1993 that grew to 45 stores and 50mm in revenue, was sold in 2008 for 70 million dollar. David founded the upscale service repair company Home Smart in 2000 and sold in 2003 with 3mm in revenues. David was incarcerated from 2003 -2007 for charges related to Pawn X-change business in 1993, and this is where he found the concept that was the basis for POP Gourmet, writing a business plan while in prison and launching in late 2010. POP! Gourmet now has 90 employees and 35% are transiting ex-cons giving them an opportunity to have a positive life.     On Today's show David will share: - What are your top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs Know your market better than competitors, be the absolute best at what you do, and never see barriers, only hurdles you can get over. - What has been your biggest business mistake Giving t

  • 046: Madeline Haydon, Founder of Nutpods

    046: Madeline Haydon, Founder of Nutpods

    15/05/2014 Duration: 25min

    Madeline Haydon, MBA is a versatile professional with a passion for people, products with strong communication and self-motivation to take on new challenges. She is a sales and marketing professional with a successful 14 year career in the medical industry, spanning medical devices to blood center donor management. After focusing her career in the medical field and being dissatisfied for a healthy, quality non-dairy creamer for her coffee, she elected to begin a new career as a food entrepreneur.  Seeing a market opportunity for a more wholesome option to the portable dairy-free coffee creamer singles, she created nutpods; a delicious dairy-free creamer made from almonds and coconuts which are packaged in convenient, easy to use coffee pod singles that require NO refrigeration and is perfect for on the go! For more information, please visit   On Today's show Madeline will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement To bring a better option for portable, dairy-free coffee creamers made from

  • 045: Brad Bennett, Founder of Pacific Pickle Works

    045: Brad Bennett, Founder of Pacific Pickle Works

    14/05/2014 Duration: 31min

    Pacific Pickle Works is based in Santa Barbara, California and is committed to supporting local and sustainable agriculture by using locally grown produce for it's wide variety of pickled vegetable products - all of which use only natural ingredients and are hand packed here in Santa Barbara. The company was founded in 2010 by Santa Barbara native Bradley Bennett who had been making his spicy blend of pickles for friends and family for a decade before bringing them to market for the public to enjoy.  Bradley enjoys creating inventive new pickle recipes to add to the Pacific Pickle Works product line and today you can enjoy a wide variety of tastes including pickled asparagus, green beans, beets, carrots as well as the original spicy cucumbers. These products make terrific appetizers, drink garnishes, or are delicious just eaten straight from the jar!   On Today's show Brad will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement Have fun and do everything with quality - Biggest Business Mistake Risking too much –

  • 044: Sarah Wallace, Founder of The Good Bean

    044: Sarah Wallace, Founder of The Good Bean

    13/05/2014 Duration: 27min

    Sarah Wallace is a veteran marketer in the natural products industry, where she worked with companies such as Clif Bar (where she launched Luna Bar), Kashi, Bear Naked, Think Products, and PopChips.  In 2010 she started The Good Bean, Inc., and launched the first line of all-natural roasted chickpea snacks. Two years later she introduced The Good Bean’s Fruit & No-Nut Bar, the first chickpea-based nutrition bar. She brings her passion for innovation and making healthy food, and her experience creating strong natural brands to The Good Bean.   On Today's show Sarah will share: - Biggest Business Mistake - How Do You Handle Business Stress and Uncertainty - Greatest Business Decision That Changed Everything - Plus much more...

  • 043: Cindy W. Morrison, Emmy-winning journalist and Founder of Socialvention

    043: Cindy W. Morrison, Emmy-winning journalist and Founder of Socialvention

    12/05/2014 Duration: 27min

    Emmy-winning journalist Cindy Morrison teaches everyone from network TV journalists to corporate CEOs how to strategically use social media to build brand loyalty, raving fans and their bottom line. Her social media savvy has been highlighted on national TV shows like FOX News, CBS’s “The Talk”, The Washington Post, The New York Post & The Huffington Post. Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson calls Cindy her favorite Social Media Strategist and they’ve spent two years together on the 2011 and 2012 National Spark and Hustle Tour to help women entrepreneurs across the country make more money. Cindy has helped create social media buzz at events from star-studded Hollywood fundraisers & red carpet events to national conferences.   On Today's show Cindy will share: - How to transition between corporate employee to entrepreneur - Why social media is so important for your business - Top 5 social media platforms for food entrepreneurs - Plus much more...

  • 042: Alex Abbott Boyd, Founder of Cocktail Crate

    042: Alex Abbott Boyd, Founder of Cocktail Crate

    02/05/2014 Duration: 28min

    About 1 year after gradating college, I quite my management consulting job without a plan, just a strong feeling that I needed to be doing something I was more passionate about. Having traveled to organic tea estates in the Himalayan foothills as well as to every great speakeasy bar in NYC, I had the idea that maybe people would be interested in using premium cocktail mixers crafted from organic teas, local honey, and other fresh/organic ingredients. I made a video describing the idea, put it on Kickstarter, and since it funded Cocktail Crate has been my full time job.   On Today's show Alex will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement The journey is the reward - Biggest Business Mistake Rather than 1 giant mistake, I typically do every little thing wrong the first time I try it, then get it right the second. - How Do You Handle Business Stress and Uncertainty It’s really important to build a network of other entrepreneurs to offer advice/complain about things with. - Greatest Business Decision That

  • 041: Susan O’Brien, Founder of Hail Merry

    041: Susan O’Brien, Founder of Hail Merry

    01/05/2014 Duration: 31min

    Susan O'Brien’s story started on the island of Maui where she fell in love with Superfoods and the Raw Foods lifestyle.  For the devoted daughter, wife & mother of three boys, this new way of living seemed like a natural progression from her decade long yoga practice The origin of food is in her DNA given that her grandparents were farmers growing heirloom vegetables and fruits in the small East Texas town of Grand Saline.  Her uncle (whom she adored) would continue the family farming tradition growing citrus fruits near the Mexican border town of McAllen Texas where she frequently visited as a child and has fond memories of picking fresh fruits from the trees. College would take her to UT Austin where she studied design and was a regular customer at Whole Foods Market at the original location on Lamar.   Her design skills and professional career of designing clinical laboratories would serve her well as the owner of a food company specializing in the unique techniques of food dehydration rather than typi

  • 040: Kelly Costello, Founder of Puppy Cake LLC

    040: Kelly Costello, Founder of Puppy Cake LLC


    Kelly Costello is the owner and founder of Puppy Cake LLC and is a graduate of Grove City College with a degree in international business in 2007. After a year in the corporate world, Kelly started Puppy Cake LLC and has most notably appeared on season 3 of ABC's Shark Tank. Puppy Cake headquarters are located in Evans City, PA where Kelly currently lives with her two rescued terriers.     On Today's show Kelly will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement My personal mission statement is to constantly grow and stretch myself as a business person (not allowing gender to influence or inhibit my growth) while maintaining my personal integrity. - Biggest Business Mistake I spent way to much money in the beginning. I was naïve and almost completely delusional about my business. My sales the first year were in the thousands while I spent nearly $20k that first year. It has taken a long time to get rid of all the debt I accumulated from the first 5 years. - How Do You Handle Business Stress and Uncertainty

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