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Breaking Par Golf Instruction Podcast with Bernard Sheridan Certified Impact Zone Advanced Instructor.Take a lesson with Bernard in Naples or online. call 215-518-0435


  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 187 Darin Hovis Interview

    09/07/2018 Duration: 39min

    Darin Hovis of Par4Fitness joins us to talk golf fitness and how you can prevent injury. Feel better and play better golf. Darin is located in Naples Florida and work with Players on the PGA LPGA, and LatinoAmerica Tours along with the PGA Tour of Canada.   

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 186 Terry Hashimoto Interview

    02/07/2018 Duration: 01h12min

    The founder of BodiTrak joins us for episode 186 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Understanding pressure and weight transfer can improve your swing path and ball striking. BodiTrak does just that and terry is here to tell us how we can improve with this understanding. Terry is always learning more about the game and finding ways to help improve golfers everywhere. 

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Rick Wright Interview

    25/06/2018 Duration: 01h12min

    Rick Wright joins us for episode 185 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Rick is the creator of the Putting T- Bar training aid and The Putting Laser Optics used to improve a players aim and is a great practice and teaching tool. Rick has been working with players of all skill levels for several years. We talk about his take on improving your putting and how he came up with the Laser Optics and Putting T-Bar to help improve his players putting stroke and accuracy on the putting green.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 184 Sam Adams Interview

    18/06/2018 Duration: 01h12min

    Sam Adams PGA first picked up a golf club at the age of 9 years. He played at a high level and assumed he could teach the game. At first he struggled helping his students at first but over time he learned to teach the game of golf and spend time with several great teachers fine tuning his craft. One was Harvey Penick. He wished he could talk to him today because he could ask so many more questions now then back when he was younger. He has found that teaching for several years there is always something new to learn about the game and how to help other improve. Today we tap into that knowledge in this interview with Sam. He make several points that anyone who loves this game will benefit from. Like the mental side of the game and motor skills and how they are learned.  

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 183 Bradley Converse Interview.

    11/06/2018 Duration: 37min

    This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 183 our guest is Bradley Converse the founder and creator of Bradly Putters. Bradley putter are custom made wood putters like no other. His story of how it began and how it is growing into the market of putter in the game. You want to catch this episode also on our YouTube Channel.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Brian Stoyer Interview 182

    04/06/2018 Duration: 35min

    This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan our guest is Brian Stoyer of Fix Your Divot to talk about his simple product divot tool and ball marker that makes it easy to have your divot tool with you on the green. 

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 181 Todd Stofka Interview

    21/05/2018 Duration: 57min

    Todd Stofka of Philly Hypnosis Performance joins us to talk about the mental side of the game. How to control your mindset on and off the course. Todd is known as one of the leading experts in mental performance. He talks about how it can help you improve your scores. 

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Darren Falk Interview 180

    14/05/2018 Duration: 32min

    Darren Falk of Holly Ridge Golf Club joins us for episode 180 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Darren is a young Pro who is certified in Stack and Tilt and Flatstick Putting. Darren talk golf with us and how he got into the industry.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 179 Robert Vitelli Interview

    07/05/2018 Duration: 39min

    This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan we speak with motivational speaker and coach Robert Vitelli. Robert has worked with Anthony Robins and Zig Ziglar. He is here to let us in on how positive process and elevating your life can also elevate your game. Robert Vitelli is a highly in demand Business Strategist, Coach and Mentor as well as the author of several National Best Selling books.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 178

    30/04/2018 Duration: 19min

      There are many products in golf and on this weeks show our interview is with John Mike the founder of Swing Shade Golf. This is a simple idea that address a problem that all golfers face in the heat of the summer when they practice. it provides shade and a place to set you phone and a drink. John Mike tells us how he came up with idea and where you can now go to purchase one yourself. This is a compact easy to use product that all golfers will like.  Find it at  

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 177 Mark Russo Interview

    23/04/2018 Duration: 40min

      This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Mark Russo PGA from Maryland joins us for episode 177. Mark was voted by Golf Digest as Top teacher in State for 2017-18 season. Mark works with beginners to accomplished, low handicap players and even fellow golf professionals. Mark takes a caring approach that is based in serious study of all aspects of the game and how people learn. In this weeks interview Mark talks about his journey in the game and his passion for golf instruction.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 176 Dan Gaucher Interview

    16/04/2018 Duration: 36min

    Dan Gaucher PGA ,TPI joins us in this weeks episode of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Dan is the Director of Junior golf programs at Lyman Orchards and has a passion for developing the next generation of golfers. In 2015 Dan was recognized as one of US Kids Golf Top 50 Golf Instructors.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 175 Lisa Longball Interview

    09/04/2018 Duration: 29min

    Welcome to this weeks Episode 175 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. This week Lisa Longball Canadian Women's Long Drive Champion returns to our show. This is a great interview and Lisa talks about what it's like to compete and all of the ways to hit it longer.   

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 174 Ed Oldham Interview

    02/04/2018 Duration: 49min

    Ed Oldham joins us this week for episode 174 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Ed is a two-time Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year and a PGA Master Professional, brings a love for the game of golf and teaching the game to The Ranch Country Club in Westminster, Colorado. Ed’s many accolades include being named to every Golf Digest Top Teachers in State list since they started the list in 2000.  Ed has been a teacher of teachers through speaking at education programs through the Colorado PGA and Proponent Group Teaching Summits.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 173 Adam Schriber Interview

    26/03/2018 Duration: 47min

    Adam Schriber is an internationally-acclaimed golf instructor. Adam is one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers. He works with LochenHeath Members while teaching touring professionals and top-ranked amateurs from around the world. A former PGA and Nationwide Tour player, Adam most recently taught in Michigan at the Kingsley Club near Traverse City and Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville. He worked as an instructor with The David Leadbetter golf academies for 10 years. Adam was referred to by Sean Foley, as one of the top coaches in golf. Adam graduated from Ferris State University’s Professional Golf Management Program, has coached PGA Tour standout Anthony Kim since age 14 and LPGA standout Candie Kung since age 16. Adam also works with PGA Tour player Jim Renner, a recent runner-up in the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Casey Wittenberg and Randall Hutchinson, from Traverse City, MI are on the Tour as well as David Lipsky on the Asian Tour as part of 12 current full-time touring professi

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 172 Andrew Rice Interview

    19/03/2018 Duration: 41min

    This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Andrew Rice from Revolution Golf joins us to tell us about his journey in the game. Andrew is the Director of Instruction at The Club at Savannah Harbor, located at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa. In 2017, Andrew was named one of Golf Digest's 50 Top Teachers in America. He has been teaching golf for almost 25 years and uses current teaching technology to help golfers of all abilities improve. Andrew is a Revolution Golf Staff Instructor, a TrackMan Master and one of nine TrackMan University Partners in the world, He is also a Swing Catalyst Ambassador. Andrew also is the author of "It's all about Impact"and also produced a dvd call "The Wedge Project". Contact Andrew -  

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 171 Michelle Holmes Interview

    12/03/2018 Duration: 29min

    This week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan episode 171 Michelle Holmes LPGA joins us to talk about being a junior golf leader. Michelle and her team have been developing Juniors and students of all ages at the school for the last 7 years.  Michelle opened her school, with Dan Shea, PGA, in Spring 2011 and has had tremendous success in growing Junior Golf in the Hampton Roads area. In 2015, Michelle was offered the opportunity to expand her School to a second location. With Laura considering a change in the golf business, they all agreed that Laura would be a perfect fit to join the team by being the Director of Instruction at the second location, Kempsville Greens Golf Club, in Virginia Beach. The Michelle Holmes School of Golf mission is to “create experiences that encourage kids to want to play the game FOREVER”. Laura, Michelle and Dan live by this mission every day by providing a fun and inviting environment for Pee Wees, Juniors and students of all ages.

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 170 Will Robins Interview

    05/03/2018 Duration: 44min

    This weeks on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 170 Will Robins PGA Pro joins us from the Will Robins Golf located at Empire Ranch Golf Club. Will has been teaching the game since 2008. Will is the creator of The Scoring Method™, the teaching system that is revolutionizing golf instruction worldwide. The Scoring Method™ system guarantees lower scores and more enjoyment from the game. Will also has worked with students of all level and he is here to talk about the Scoring method and golf instruction. This is a very informative episode your won't want to miss a single second.  

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 169 Brendan Ryan Interview

    26/02/2018 Duration: 56min

      Brendan Ryan joins us for this weeks episode 169 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Brendan has served as a coach for Division I, III, and NJCAA schools, as well as individual players, and has published several books about junior golf, coaching, and college golf recruiting. As a coach, he claimed 15 team titles, including two National Championships. As a college placement consultant, Brendan has had the opportunity to help over 100 of the world's top-ranked golfers find their perfect fit. Players include John Axelsen (University of Florida), Leonie Harm (University of Houston), and Christoffer Bring (University of Texas).  

  • Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 168 Nicole Weller Interview

    19/02/2018 Duration: 59min

    Junior Golf Leader Nicole Weller is our guest this week on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Here is a little about Nicole.   As Head Teaching Professional at The Landings Club in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, Nicole Weller is a member of the LPGA T&CP, PGA of America and Proponent Group.  She has served on the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf of Savannah Board, two terms on the PGA National Youth Player Development Committee (currently 2017-2019), PGA Special Awards Committee, is a co-author of the LPGA Girls Golf Playbook and is a proud partner with both Little Linksters and The Littlest Golfer (staff ambassador). Nicole is a U.S. Kids Master Kids Teacher and is certified with U.S. Kids Golf and Spirit of Golf. She was given the prestigious honor of being the first professional to receive both the 2013 PGA and LPGA National Junior Golf Leader awards in the same year and was listed on the 2017 LPGA / Women's Golf Journal Inaugural LPGA Top 50 Teachers List.  Nicole helped coordinate a U.S. Kids Golf Instructor Cer

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