Cooper Stripes



Exploration of a love affair with the little car that changed the world.


  • Dentists make good drivers

    02/08/2018 Duration: 21min

    My take on why dentists make good drivers and why many of them like to go fast. Also a bit on the Maryhill loops hillclimb at Mini Meet West.  Lastly Genna sings the Anthems.

  • Cooper Stripes 16 Hopkirk

    24/12/2015 Duration: 28min

    Visit to the Inited States by Paddy Hopkirk.  A gentleman and legend Paddy talks about racing, winning the Monte Carlo Rally and early Mini culture.  Merry Christmas!  enjoy episode 1.

  • Cooper Stripes 15 Kearny

    24/02/2014 Duration: 31min

    Mike Kearny is kind enough to talk with me about mini's back in the day and racing history up to the mini Can AM challenge July 26-29 2014.    

  • Cooper Stripes 14 the race is on!

    15/09/2013 Duration: 33min

    News about classic mini racing in the NW,  24 hours of LeMons and some music to mini by.

  • Surprise! we're back....

    30/06/2012 Duration: 33min

    A lot has happened in my time off,  grand opening of the LeMay museum in Tacoma WA,  a new track opened in Shelton WA and we were there!  

  • Humble in the USA

    01/08/2011 Duration: 33min

    I talk with Mike Kearney about racing,  and the humble Mini. 

  • Mini Meet West talk with Doug Peterson Mini racing legend.

    24/06/2011 Duration: 31min

    Doug gave a talk at Mini Meet West about his career and winning multiple SCCA national championships in a Mini.  These efforts,  and the giant killer that is the Mini should not be forgotten.  Enjoy.

  • Cooper Stripes 10.5.m4a

    12/05/2011 Duration: 01h06min

    Tribute to Derek K. Miller,  aka @panmachine at Thank you Derek for showing me how to use GarageBand with which I make this podcast,  and for helping me to take better photos,  and for talking with me,  I guess all drummers share a kindred spirit. Mini's and Beatles........ nothing cooler than that.

  • Cooper Stripes 10 Holiday Gift List

    19/12/2010 Duration: 01h06min

      ▼ ❑ Classic mini gifts ▼ ❑ Nibbler • ❑ Klein tool Amazon $22 ▼ ❑ Rescue tape • ❑ Westmarine $20 ▼ ❑ LED drop light Battery or not • ❑ Battery version $30 • ❑ corded $20 ▼ ❑ Pyrometer laser(thermometer) • ❑ $30-70 ▼ ❑ Nutsert kit • ❑ Aircraft Spruce $100-$200 ▼ ❑ Multimeter with clip leads • ❑ Craftsman $20 ▼ ❑ Tool Storage • ❑ NAPA tool Box $350 • ❑ magnetic mats • ❑ Fender cover • ❑ Nut/Bolt kit/storage ▼ ❑ Brother label machine • ❑ $20-100 ▼ ❑ Zip tie gun • ❑ Black Tie Gun $12 • ❑ zip ties • ❑ Industrial Velcro  ▼ ❑ heat shrink connectors • ❑ Fastenal $20 ▼ ❑ Secure kit • ❑ Zip tie asortment + tie gun • ❑ Velcro sticky industrial • ❑ Rescue tape • ❑ heat shrink wire connectors • ❑ Cheap tool box  

  • Cooper Stripes 9 Audio

    15/11/2010 Duration: 01h06min

    My audio indulgence,  continued talks with Jack T about vintage racing,  and his 67 Lancia Fulvia Zegato Sport.  Some 63 Vette sounds,  mostly the audio stuff that didn't fit anywhere else,  It's almost winter,  get out and wax your stripes!

  • Cooper Stripes 8

    29/05/2010 Duration: 57min

    I talk with Jack Thornton about his 67 Lancia Fulvia sport Zegato.  Not a Mini,  but still a race car for us poor folks.

  • Cooper Stripes 7

    03/05/2010 Duration: 30min

    Engine stability,  and installing gearbox dumbell stabilizer.   Also Jack Thornton teaser.  

  • Cooper Stripes 6

    15/12/2009 Duration: 30min

    1. My cracked engine stabilizer, and why regular checkups are important. 2. How one little thing effects so much more. 3. Mini Spares deals. 4. My dad’s mini update. 5. Next year’s events. I’m hoping this sort of acts as show notes, it’s just an experiment. Back to the road…

  • Cooper Stripes 5 Thanks Ganz!

    09/11/2009 Duration: 27min

    More Mini adventure, my question for Sandy Ganz, and Adam Carolla Do I install high lift roller rockers?

  • English Car Affair CS 4

    21/09/2009 Duration: 13min

    Tribute to to the 50th Anniversary of the Mini at Fort Rodd Hill in BC Canada.  The Old English Car Club of Victoria BC hold their English Car Affair in the park.  Now my favorite show of the year.

  • Cooper Stripes 3

    06/08/2009 Duration: 22min

    Mini sounds, Hurricane ridge rant, and a 63 vette reborn (next podcast)

  • Cooper Stripes 2 Birchasauraus

    04/06/2009 Duration: 22min

    Jim and I finally travel around central California to our Mini events all the while jealous of the world famous white roof radio guys, and sporting our badges.Jim learns how to work the H2 recorder and records my drunken snore.  At least I didn't wake up with that shaving cream on my head like back in high school on our band trips.

  • Cooper Stripes 1.2

    21/05/2009 Duration: 22min

    Second posting of the file I should have posted first.  (don't ask) much better than the previous posting of 4 eagles above me.