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Legend of the Stoned Owl is all about video games, the hosts pride them self on in-depth discussion about games, we take a holistic approach to our look at each game.


  • Summer Predictions | LOTSO 29


    The guys put it all on the line and make their calls on which games you’re going to love coming out over the next few months! We’ll round up the big ones in their release order and give you our predictions, plus we poll our live chat room on which games they think will go big!

  • Open Mic Calls | LOTSO 28


    After covering the gaming news you care about, we give Bulletstorm a review. Then the guys open up the call-in line and take topics from the live stream. Tonight’s callers don’t disappoint, and point the guys in the direction of some hot new games! Plus We cover the Kinect’s insane adoption rate, and so much more!

  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review | LOTSO 27


    The boys tried out some Mafia II and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 this week, and give you their thoughts! Plus an update on the Age of Empires MMO, and L.A. Noire update, and a Dr. Who MMO?

  • Gaming News Roundup | LOTSO 26


    They guys don’t chat about the news often, but when they do you can bet it’s about the important topics. LOTSO’s conversational approach to covering news leads us from story to story this week. We share our insights and update you on topics we think you’re going to dig!

  • Champions Online Review | LOTSO 25


    Since announcing that Champions online was going free to play, tons of you have written in asking for the LOTSO take on this superhero MMO! In this week’s episode the guys play through the early missions and share their thoughts as the game unfolds!

  • DCUO Review | LOTSO 24


    The guys are rocking 2011 with two big reviews: DC Universe Online & the new Back to the Future game, ?It?s About Time?! Plus we highlight the up-coming games of 2011 that we are looking forward too, and that you?ll likely see a review of in the future! Plus so much more!

  • Best Games of 2010 | LOTSO 23


    The boys have had their hands on a lot of games this years, so with the year winding down – NOW seems like just the right time to share our favorites, and even a few of the worst! It’s our LOTSO year end wrangle-up! All that and more on this episode of LOTSO!

  • Best of Mobile Gaming | LOTSO 22


    The LOTSO crew picks and reviews their favorite iPhone, Android, and iPad games! Find out which games the guys think are really worth spending some cash on, which freebies are worth checking out… And which to AVOID!

  • New Vegas Follow Up | LOTSO 21


    The guys still have a ton to say about Fallout New Vegas! Plus we share our thoughts regarding some new games to hit the iPad, Ryan stops by with a Fable III review, and update you on Xbox Kinect! Plus much more!

  • Kinect Review | LOTSO 20


    The guy’s spent some time with the new Xbox Kinect and share their thoughts! Is the controller dead? Can the Kinect be used with serious games? We answer those and much more live, on this week’s LOTSO! Plus we’ve got some thoughts on the Kinect launch titles, and the PS Move. Justin’s out this week, but he’ll be back next episode. Just Alan & Chris this week!

  • Minecraft & New Vegas Madness | LOTSO 19


    New Vegas has landed, and we share our early thoughts. Plus the guys have gone nuts with Minecraft, and they have the footage to prove it. We share our review of the popular new game!

  • Game News Extravaganza! | LOTSO 18


    It’s been a while since the LOTSO guys have talked news on the show, but we’ve saved the best for this week! We run down the stories that we think really matter to gamers, and share out thoughts.. And even a little bit of old school LOTSO debate!

  • Halo Reach Review | LOTSO 17


    The guys have spent some long hours with the new Halo Reach and it’s time for their review. Is it another commercially driven boring remake of the same game? Or did the folks and Bungie find a new fresh take on this gaming classic? We debate! Then – Our first LIVE Halo game play event kicks off, and we show you the highlights and low-lights from the live stream! All that and more on this episode of LOTSO!

  • PAX 2010 Wrangle-Up | LOTSO 16


    Nearly the entire Jupiter Broadcasting crew attacked PAX equipped with cameras and we got the footage our camera’s weren’t suppose to see! Watch to see exclusive game play of some of the biggest titles! PLUS: The LOTSO crew gives you a full run down of the biggest surprises, craziest booths, bests games, and even the real stinkers of PAX 2010 Prime. It’s Penny Arcade Expo and it’s one of the biggest gaming events of the year.

  • Rockstars: Lazlow and Carlos Interview | LOTSO 15


    The guys chat with Lazlow Jones and Carlos Antonio from Rockstar Games. We get the inside scope on some of the work these guys did on Red Dead Redemption, as well as past and future projects! Plus we ask their thoughts on the gradual progress towards being able to completely replace actors with fully animated avatars – that simply need a voice over, and stay forever young! All that and more on this episode of LOTSO

  • Preview: Best of Q4 2010 | LOTSO 14


    The guys share the games they are looking forward to the most in the upcoming holiday release season. Plus we throw down in the Rant Grab Bag this episode and share our thoughts on casual gaming and its effect positive and negative, Madden-ing 2010’s lack of any real innovation, and we kick the games with piss poor multi-player achievements in the sack! All that and more on this episode of LOTSO!

  • Party Games & Live Q&A | LOTSO 13


    The guys cover their favorite games to play during parties, plus we power our debates and conversations from the live chat room, and follow a path that leads us from the brilliance of Titan Quest to the total fail of some hidden party stinkers!

  • Deathspank & Crackdown 2 Reviews | LOTSO 12


    Two big reviews this week, Crackdown 2, and Deathspank. The guys run down these new games, share their thoughts, what they loved, and just what needed some more work! Plus we update you LOTSO style in the latest developments on the Activision vs Infinity Ward controversy. Find out why after looking at this situation more closely, we think Infinity Ward might be loosing the moral high-ground in this. All that as much more in this week’s Legend of The Stoned Owl!

  • OnLive Review | LOTSO 11


    We review the hot new gaming on-demand streaming service, OnLive! Find out how well it plays on low-end and high-end systems, low bandwidth and high bandwidth and what the game selection is like. Plus – We question if Take-Two Interactive, (the publisher of popular games series such as, BioShock, Civilization Grand Theft Auto, MLB/NBA/NHL 2k and many more games) can really produce a entirely new IP every single year. Then we tell you why we are so excited about Deathspank, and share our thoughts on Hulu coming to the PS3 & Xbox 360.

  • E3 Wrangle-Up | LOTSO 10


    We take a look back at E3 2010, what were the big wins, the losers, and everything in between. Microsoft demo’s Kinect, have they changed our minds? Is the PS Move a better Wii? Or is Sony really bringing something new here? We discuss! The 3DS has us torn, it’s one big step forward, but maybe a few important steps back? We share our thoughts. OnLive had a big showing at E3 this year and we share our pre-hands on thoughts on OnLive and what it could mean if it really works. Tune in next episode for a full review! All this and more, on this week’s Legend of the Stoned Owl!

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