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Follow Kristine, USMC Life's founder, and Jackie for a fresh and candid look at issues affecting military families and life outside the Corps.


  • Mental Heath with Judy Davis, the Direction Diva

    13/02/2014 Duration: 37min

    We're talking with Judy Davis from The Direction Diva to discuss stress relief, empowerment and personal growth in our military world. Judy is a motivational speaker, author and blogger who specializes in advocating for and supporting the military community.  One of her philosophies is focusing on "one moment at a time" to empower others with coping strategies to help ease the challenges in our lifestyle. Connect with her blog for T.I.P.s (tools, information and perspective) that will help you make the most of your life.We're sorry to report that we will be giving up Semper Fiesty Radio for the mostpart. It's a lot of work booking guests and getting the show on the air; Kristine is uber busy with USMC Life and Jackie will be moving to Korea this summer, so we are calling it a day with the show. However, we may occasionally do a show in the future, but nothing on a regular basis. Thank you for supporting our radio show and podcast; we've loved every minute of it.

  • We're Dishing Some Stars, Stripes and Pinups for Patriots

    11/12/2013 Duration: 01h03s

    We've got Kalen Arreola with us, the founder of Stars and Stripes Marketing and PR as well as Pinups for Patriots.  She is an Army Veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and is active in the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation in San Diego, Calif., VeteransPlus in Tampa, Fla., Women Veterans of Colorado, Honoring Our Fallen, San Diego Military Affairs Committee.We have some fun with a bit of pin-up quizzing and then come back with a big Q&A featuring Hugh Heffner and Playboy, since it was the magazine that made Alberto Vargas (a painter of pinups) so popular.  We mention the before and after pictures of pinup models and also a video of how photoshop modifies women's bodies.  

  • Funny Under Fire with Travis Howze

    04/12/2013 Duration: 52min

    We're looking forward to some big laughs with Former U.S. Marine, Police Officer and Firefighter turned National Headlining Comedian, Travis Howze protected America's citizens for over 14 years, and now he's making fun of them! Whether dodging bullets, chasing bad guys or running into burning buildings he is always Funny Under Fire!  Having appeared on NBC's Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson, Travis has also been Voted, Stand Up Comedy's Mouth of the South and Charleston, South Carolinas Funniest Person. He has also been referred to as The Military and Emergency Services Voice of Comedy.In addition to making fun of the general public he includes his own humility from being a Ludicrous Police Officer, being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Military, Family, Married Life and more. In Travis's mind, his days of protecting are neither over, leaving no one safe nor anything off limits! His motto is simple "If you are able to laugh at someone else's pain and misfortunes, then you had better be able to l

  • Learning to Party: Crafting a business doing what you love with Kinderjam

    20/11/2013 Duration: 56min

    Today's Topic: Learning to Party, Half Pint StyleThis week's feature guest is El Brown, the founder of KinderJam which focuses kids on music, movement, learning, and fun! We’re going to be dishing:How you can follow your passion and start a business in our military lifestyle like El did.Getting over hurdles and roadblocks.  Finding the time to do it all.  Best practices for our kids today.Jackie drops the bomb about Kanye's new Bound 2 video with Kim Kardashian, but we prefer the spoof by James Franco and Seth Rogan.  Don't miss a beat with the side by side action.Check out why we love El so much.  She’s done such great things for our military community: She a wife, mother, and teacher, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Science in Early Childhood Education.Some years later, her life was further enriched by the birth of her son. After becoming a Military spouse and mom, El made it her personal and professional goal to advocate and provide enrichment for Early Childhood Ed

  • For the Love of School with American Military University

    13/11/2013 Duration: 59min

    Consider this the first show of Semper Feisty 2.0.  We're getting a little more crazy and playing a few games to keep your mind guessing!Today's Topic: For the Love of SchoolEach week we'll be visiting a general topic and will be playing a game on behalf of someone.  Today we are playing for a Marine who has EAS'd, Shawn Eckhart.  If we win on Shawn's behalf, his face will be superimposed on someone else's body all in good fun, and featured on USMC Life's Facebook Page.  This week's feature guest is Craig Gilman from American Military University.  We're going to be dishing:If online school is right for you?How to get money for school?Choosing the right degree?How to set yourself up for success.We reference a few things on this week's shows, here are the links to the MyCAA program, scholarships, and MCM route map.  Check out Craig's bio for more information about him: Craig is currently an online faculty member and military outreach coordinator with American Military University.  He is a veteran who served for