Swilley Library Talking Points

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Talking Points is an ongoing conversation between the Swilley Library and Library users.


  • Welcome to LibGuides

    19/09/2011 Duration: 04min
  • Green Your Library

    14/10/2010 Duration: 03min
  • What are you reading? - Andrea Winkler

    23/07/2009 Duration: 05min
  • Severe Weather...What should you know?

    21/04/2009 Duration: 05min
  • Reflections on 2009 Presidential Inauguration

    17/02/2009 Duration: 05min
  • Swilley Library 25th Anniversary Recap

    14/01/2009 Duration: 05min
  • Library Director responds to survey, announces $25 winner

    18/04/2008 Duration: 05min