Faithman's podcast




  • "Don't Go Changing"

    02/01/2010 Duration: 08min

    So many people are innocently putting too much confidence in their ability to change.While working hard to change themselves many forget where the real Change has already taken place. Once we understand the exchange we'll demonstrate the change.

  • Episode 13 Those Wonderful Declarations

    12/12/2009 Duration: 10min

    Prophetic Declarations are God’s people #1. Hearing from him. #2.Checking what they heard with the Scriptures #3. Then Declaring it . A what I tell you in secret shout it from the rooftops sort of thing. These declarations were written by a new friend of mind Prophetess Ruth Ann McCormick of FREEDOM FIGHTERS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES located in Panama City Florida USA.


    04/12/2009 Duration: 05min

    I really do not like negative thoughts and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that you don’t like them either. They rob us of the joy of living. Negative thoughts evolve into negative emotions. You'll find that whenever we feel worn out beaten down or betrayed the N T's show up. Whenever we have a low opinion of ourselves here come the N T's. My friends The Good news is that God has given us power over what we think. So why don't we grow some fresh neural pathways in our brains by thinking more of God's thoughts. I'll take G T's over N T's everytime,how about you?


    29/11/2009 Duration: 04min

    LETS GET IT STARTED IN HERE Something interesting happened to me a while back. I experienced the sweet presence of the Lord -nothing spectacular or mind blowing. Just a gentle touch and a urge to just give more of myself to help make other people's lives better. Along with that has come passion and enthusiasm to fulfill my purpose on earth. I pray that the following words may offer inspiration and hope to all of you.

  • Episode 12 "LORD I CAN’T BE GOOD"

    29/11/2009 Duration: 04min

    LORD I CAN’T BE GOOD There was a music video(RACE CARD) I viewed a few years ago that made me think. It concerned racism and the opening stanza stated…. ‘please don’t believe the hype everything in the world ain’t black or white… everybody ain’t a stereotype just because I look wrong I’m about to do right. Take it from me it hurts to be misjudged and its true isn’t it that just because you may look wrong doesn’t mean that you will do wrong!