Cheledril's Paladin Podcast

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Join me as I explore the ins and outs of the Paladin class from World of Warcraft!


  • Episode 2: Tankadin Spankad

    Episode 2: Tankadin Spankad


    Today we go Prot and explore tanking as a Paladin. Learn a great talent build, as well as a basic rotation, and what glyphs to use.Download the show here.

  • Minicast 1

    Minicast 1


    Let's try this again. Apparently embedding the file is not enough for iTunes to pick it up. I need to post a link.

  • Episode 1 is here!

    Episode 1 is here!


    Episode 1 is now here! I talk about 3.1 and how it will effect Paladins!Stream it here or download here!