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The vibrant artistic streak within Central Australia connects people and places, the past with the present, and the regions European and Indigenous cultures.


  • Arrarnta Cowgirl (Image copyright: Rona Rubuntja)

    31/10/2010 Duration: 87h00s
  • Art of Boats (Image copyright: Henry Smith)

    30/10/2010 Duration: 81h00s
  • Battarbee & Namatjira (Image copyright: Peter Latz)

    29/10/2010 Duration: 73h00s
  • Connection to land through painting for Lenie Namatjira (Image copyright: Deborah Clarke)

    28/10/2010 Duration: 129h00s
  • Country Music in the West Macs

    27/10/2010 Duration: 114h00s
  • Dan Murphy Metalwork artist

    26/10/2010 Duration: 70h00s
  • From Mulga to Art (Image copyright: Deborah Clarke)

    25/10/2010 Duration: 84h00s
  • Ivy Pareroultja (Image copyright: Ivy Pareroultja)

    24/10/2010 Duration: 118h00s
  • J9 looks to Macs for inspiration (Image copyright: J9 Stanton)

    23/10/2010 Duration: 87h00s
  • Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula (Image copyright: Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula)

    22/10/2010 Duration: 96h00s
  • Kevin Namatjira (Image copyright: Kevin Namatjira)

    21/10/2010 Duration: 48h00s
  • Lenie Namatjira (Image copyright: Lenie Namatjira)

    20/10/2010 Duration: 104h00s
  • Losing Control (Image copyright: Sue McLeod)

    19/10/2010 Duration: 144h00s
  • Native Flora Jewellery (Image copyright: Siri Omberg)

    18/10/2010 Duration: 113h00s
  • Nature: the tool for Art (Image copyright: Deborah Clarke)

    17/10/2010 Duration: 84h00s
  • Yarrentyty Arltere Art Story

    16/10/2010 Duration: 104h00s
  • Symbolism to Euan McLeod (Araluen) Change Title*

    15/10/2010 Duration: 89h00s
  • Stories become beanies (Image copyright: Siri Omberg)

    14/10/2010 Duration: 105h00s
  • Old cars in the landscape (Image copyright: Michael Barritt)

    13/10/2010 Duration: 73h00s
  • Buying Art (Image copyright: Marilyn Armstong)

    12/10/2010 Duration: 62h00s
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