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I am an amateur bikini competitor and health entrepreneur thrilled to authentically impact, inspire, and motivate YOU to follow your dreams and pursue YOUR passions. Through my professional knowledge and experience in health care and my personal fitness journey, I am honoured to encourage and challenge YOU to dream your wildest dreams and manifest them into your very own reality! www.jasminschenk.ca #KaizenHustle


  • Post-Show Health Update

    12/10/2015 Duration: 06min
  • Kaizen Hustle is BACK!

    18/09/2015 Duration: 05min
  • Lack of Motivation Monday

    17/08/2015 Duration: 04min
  • Post Show Re-Feed

    10/08/2015 Duration: 05min
  • Post Show Reflection: Physical Struggles

    07/08/2015 Duration: 08min
  • Post Show Reflection: Spiritual Struggles

    05/08/2015 Duration: 06min
  • Post Show Reflection: Emotional Struggles

    04/08/2015 Duration: 09min
  • Post Show Reflection: Mental Struggles

    03/08/2015 Duration: 09min
  • Bikini Competition: Show Day

    31/07/2015 Duration: 10min
  • Bikini Competition Prep: Show Day Packing List

    24/07/2015 Duration: 15min
  • Bikini Competition Prep: Meal Prep

    23/07/2015 Duration: 05min
  • Bikini Competition Prep: 2 Sleeps to The Van Pro Show

    23/07/2015 Duration: 05min
  • Bikini Competition Prep: 3 Pre-Workout Supplements

    22/07/2015 Duration: 08min
  • Bikini Competition Prep: Skin Prep

    20/07/2015 Duration: 04min
  • Bikini Competition Prep: Peak Week

    19/07/2015 Duration: 06min
  • Bikini Competition Prep: One Week to Van Pro Show

    18/07/2015 Duration: 06min
  • Pre-Show Appointment Checklist

    16/07/2015 Duration: 08min
  • Hangry During Bikini Competition Prep

    15/07/2015 Duration: 05min
  • Bikini Competition Prep & Slowing Down

    14/07/2015 Duration: 06min
  • Bikini Competition Prep Update: 2 Weeks to Van Pro Show

    11/07/2015 Duration: 04min
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