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Comedians Mitcz Marzoni and Teddy Tutson riff with fellow comics (and random crazy people) on the news, media, pop-culture and more. Every week is a new guest, and new debauchery and drunken discussion.


  • 108 : Dwayne Perkins

    22/04/2013 Duration: 02h21min

    This is it, riffolonians. The FINAL episode in the epic saga that is and was Straight Riffin. Dwayne Perkins brought it hard, fast, loud and hilarious like only Dwayne could. We talked about success, the ridiculous chasm between platinum status between countries of the world, language barriers, Dwayne’s “CAKE” system (and Mitcz’s attempt to re-word some of the letters in the acronym), dating, touring, and so much more. We even play the absolute last game of Google Feud and you’ll never guess who wins! Stay subscribed so you can be updated as to what’s coming next.

  • 107 : Danielle Stewart

    15/04/2013 Duration: 02h19min

    Danielle Stewart started a riff within a few seconds of the intro and we rode that wave for almost 2 straight hours, before a record-breaking game of Google Feud. During the episode, we talked about the communicative gender divide, past loves, what makes a relationship work, how to talk to your partner, where people make mistakes in love, and so much more. This is a fantastic, nonstop escapade into interpersonal relationships and a riffin that’ll keep you on your toes.

  • 106 : Jackie Gold

    08/04/2013 Duration: 01h55min

    Jackie Gold joins us for a solid riffin’ session in Ep106. We discuss her brief foray into the world of J-Date while explaining related sites, jewish culture, her jewish summer camp, and young Jackie’s diary entries. We also discuss strip clubs, young love, weed culture, pop-culture (and why it’s lost on Mitcz) and much more. Enjoy!

  • 105 : Ian Edwards

    01/04/2013 Duration: 01h11min

    We had a nice one-hour, low-key Riffin this week with comedian Ian Edwards. After discussing his podcast “The Preposterous Sessions”, we got into a discussion on food, health, meat, vegetarianism, the difficulties of avoiding cancer and quite a bit more. Lots to learn this episode, so enjoy!

  • 104 : Amy Witry

    25/03/2013 Duration: 02h16min

    If you love pets (especially cats), you’re gonna LOVE this episode with returning guest Amy Witry. Closing out “All Women Everything”, we talk cats to an almost absurd degree. And we discuss dogs. And cuteness. Then weird pets. Then weird animals. Then the De-Extinction of animals. And Teddy’s desire to raise a Wolf Pack. And… just absurdity in general. Really, there’s no way to properly explain this episode but it’s a riot and you’re gonna love it. Also, we apologize for the crackling mics towards the end of the episode. We’re working on it, but it’s so rare it’s hard to lock down what it might be.

  • 103 : Reyna Amaya & Lou Lou

    19/03/2013 Duration: 02h13min

    Reyna Amaya rolled in with her friend and YouTube cohort Lou Lou to riff along with us. A few minutes in, Mitcz invites Lou Lou to join in, and we have ourselves a raucous and fascinating 2-hour, 4-person riff session that will blow your mind and hurt your stomach from laughter. Enjoy, cause we sure as hell did.

  • 102 : Jade Catta-Preta

    11/03/2013 Duration: 01h59min

    Ohh it gets DEEP and FILTHY in the best way possible on this Riffin with Jade Catta-Preta. She holds nothing back, and everyone comes out of their shells a bit as we get into topics about dating, cheating, sex on the road, open relationships, the intricacies of oral sex, and SO much more. Much comedy discussion is thrown in as well, and nary a second goes by without some fast-paced Riffin’ madness.

  • 101 : Aarona Browning

    05/03/2013 Duration: 02h09min

    In our first episode of our first month of women (“All Women Everything!”), Aarona Browning brings it hard, fast, loud and funny. We start out with a discussion of growing up, our respective childhoods, and some serious pop-culture (which is lost on Mitcz, of course). From there, we launch into a very detailed discussion of 90s R&B and various musical tastes of the respective panel members. We end on a brief discussion of Aarona’s recent marriage, and a discussion of the early contexts of relationships. This is a high-energy, nonstop riff – so enjoy!

  • 100 : Chris Williams

    26/02/2013 Duration: 02h08min

    We did it, baby! 100 g’damn episodes! The fantastic and hilarious Chris Williams riffed it out with us and brought the funk. Teddy’s old friend and Riffin #1 Superfan, Nicole, sat in and inspired us to have a lengthy convo about relationships, how to “court a lady” and more. From there, Chris regales us with tales about his trip to Thailand and enthralls Mitcz while horrifying Teddy. And… of course, some other crazy stuff happens.

  • 099 : Jeremy Scippio

    19/02/2013 Duration: 02h07min

    The hilarious, bold Jeremy Scippio returns! And it’s quite a raucous event, kids. While discussing silly childhood games, Mitcz explains a knife fight he was in. Teddy defends John Travolta’s career. Jeremy and Teddy get into a series of verbal battles which are enlightening and enthralling. For some reason, there’s a lot of crackling mic noises about halfway through. We apologize, but It’s a helluva show other than that – enjoy!

  • 098 : Guy Groves

    12/02/2013 Duration: 02h01min

    The hilarious Guy Groves returns to riff along with us for Blackuary Blackriffin, and it’s an introspective and hilarious event. We discuss Guy’s unfortunate resemblance to a wanted man, being pulled over by the cops, explaining racial sensitivity to children, being a father, Muhammed Ali, DUI laws, driving while high, and so much more that it’s impossible to sum up this incredible episode in one paragraph. You’re gonna love it, so listen and enjoy.

  • 097 : Quincy Jones (the comedian)

    05/02/2013 Duration: 01h53min

    It’s the kickoff to our 2013 season of Blackuary Blackriffin with the hilarious, energetic Quincy Jones. In his grand return to the Riffin, we start off with a bang and we don’t let up in this fast-paced ruckus through white people tropes, the “n word” debacle, struggle plates, and Quincy’s goal to do 1000 shows in a single year. After a brief technical issue, we tackle the news of a 23-year game of tag, musical condoms, a rude newscaster interruption and so much more. Enjoy!

  • 096 : Justin Rupple

    29/01/2013 Duration: 02h06min

    This is a heated Riffin here, kids. Justin Rupple returns to regale us of his tales as an actor chef for a commercial, which somehow briefly touches on the Manti Te’o scandal, thereby leading us down a heated debate road of the media, the world, the psychology of the brain, and a number of uncomfortable moments. We round it out on happier subjects, including the discussion of the open-letter proposal for a McWorld.

  • 095 : Katie Page

    22/01/2013 Duration: 02h31min

    Ohh this Riffin goes deep into Mitcz’s psyche, when Katie Page stops by and we organically discuss relationships, sex, breakups and drama. Lots of fun awkwardness and confessions here, and no news or links are discussed once the ball gets rolling. Prepare to look deep inside yourself and enjoy the fun!

  • 094 : Ben Gonzalez

    15/01/2013 Duration: 02h07min

    Jumping out the gate with a raucous, in-depth discussion of the current state of Standup Comedy, Mitcz & Teddy sit with the hilarious Ben Gonzalez. We get deep into the game of the standup comedy mindset, common complaints, and the irresponsibility of hecklers and heckler apologists, and more. We also dive into a discussion of the NYT piece on the “End of Courtship” which we unanimously agree is full of B.S., and we end on a very disgusting invention for your stomach.

  • 093 : Josh Waldron

    08/01/2013 Duration: 02h09min

    Josh “Peter Riffin” Waldron returns, as the Riffin also returns, in 2013. We start off fast and loose, with Josh flyin’ off the handle while Mitcz tries to work out the situation behind ignored text messages. We move on to racial discussions, and a sports discussion that becomes a celebrity-obsessed-culture discussion. In the news, we talk about the fate of the “ScarJo Hacker”, Kurzweil’s new position at Google, Jamie Kennedy’s embarrassing New Year’s Eve event and we end on a raucous round of Google Feud.

  • 116 : (Bonus Episode) Happy 2013!

    01/01/2013 Duration: 01h11min

    To welcome in 2013, Mitcz and Teddy did a brief 1-hour chat between just the two of ‘em, talking about New Year’s Eve frustrations, hopes for 2013, and a whole lotta whacky riffin’ on why Tom Waits should be the official vocalist of the auld lang syne song. Enjoy! We’re back again next week!

  • 115 : (Bonus Episode) Rap, Christmas, Hope, etc

    25/12/2012 Duration: 01h30min

    In this special bonus edition of Straight Riffin, Mitcz and Teddy are joined by Yassir Lester for a 90-minute discussion. In the first half, Yassir and Teddy try to explain various hip hop slang to Mitcz, while he argues about their correct usage. In the last half, we have a heated debate about the holidays, the meaning of christmas, and Mitcz’s plan for a “Restmas Holiday” for all.

  • 092 : Yassir Lester

    18/12/2012 Duration: 02h09min

    Talk about goin’ out with a bang! Our last live riff of the year was a helluva show, folks. We cover everything from electric cars to conspiracy theories to opulence to modern-day comedy to sitcoms to the genius of Martin to rap music to, of course, Mitcz’s whiteness and ohh so much more. There’s literally so much going on in this episode it’s impossible to sum it up or describe it all. But, since we’re taking some time off for at least a week (or two) you’ll have plenty time to listen to it all and enjoy it to its fullest.

  • 091 : Eric Hahn

    10/12/2012 Duration: 02h13min

    It’s a fabulous and hilarious Riffin this time around when Eric Hahn comes out to talk gay lifestyle, homophobia, oral sex, and more just in the first 10 minutes. Mitcz and Teddy discuss how gay they are as a percentage (and Teddy’s percentage grows over time). We discuss at some length the Kevin Clash (Elmo) sex scandals, growing up gay, and we bust into some news regarding vocabularies, explaining subjects to odd characters, the trend of a return to American manufacturing, and we all learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

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