Listen to interviews about living abroad, education, cross-cultural experiences, Intercultural work, social media and digital storytelling.


  • An Interview with Pamela Slim

    01/07/2013 Duration: 17min
  • An Interview with Dr. Regina Higgins

    13/05/2013 Duration: 24min
  • The IDI, literature & crepes

    13/05/2013 Duration: 14min
  • Re-Entry Doesn’t Equal Failure

    13/05/2013 Duration: 21min
  • Creating a life, not settling in

    07/01/2013 Duration: 18min
  • Digital Storytelling and International Education

    28/11/2012 Duration: 15min
  • Re-Entry: A Taboo Subject?

    28/11/2012 Duration: 18min
  • How to Maintain Authenticity in Corporate Intercultural Work

    28/11/2012 Duration: 15min
  • Tips for Getting into the International Education Field

    28/11/2012 Duration: 21min
  • Social Media Time-Management

    28/11/2012 Duration: 13min
  • Chris Guillebeau about Living Abroad as a Kid

    28/11/2012 Duration: 12min
  • Providing Career Support for Expat Spouses

    28/11/2012 Duration: 11min