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  • Tiffany McLaury Colt Starter

    28/04/2020 Duration: 29min

    Tiffany McLaury Colt Starter Tiffany McLaury's name might sound familiar.  She is the daughter of Buster and Sheryl McLaury.  Buster and Sheryl spent many years working on and managing ranches.  In 1984, they met Ray and Carolyn Hunt and their view of horsemanship changed.  Tiffany grew up learning about training horses and starting colts from not only her parents, but many other well-known trainers. About a month ago listener Jeanie Marie Andreatta wrote m.  Jeanie is deep into horses. Her business Tumbling J Mohair Tack hand crafts Mohair cinches. Jeanie also teaches at Equi911.  So when she writes me with a suggestion for a guest, I listen. Jeanie is friends with Tiffany McLaury a horse trainer and colt starter in Paducah Texas.  Tiffany knows a lot about horsemanship growing up learning from her father and mother, Buster and Cheryl McLaury. She’s real easy to talk to and our conversation wanders all over the place - well all over the place on the topic of horses.  We could have gone on another hour, but w

  • Barefoot Horse Trimming with Craig Morley

    14/04/2020 Duration: 35min

    Barefoot Horse Trimming with Craig Morley I heard some people call barefoot horse trimming natural hoof care.  A quick search on Wikipedia says there is early evidence of mule shoes in Rome as far back as 400 BC.  Now you would think in 2,000 years of equine husbandry, we would have figured out what is best for the horse's foot.  I'm not sure we have.  If you ask two different farriers and a veterinarian the best way to trim a hoof, I would not be surprised if they came up with four different answers.  It's like politics or religion.  There are a lot of opinions about barefoot horse trimming out there. When I ran into a riding friend I had not seen in a while, he told me he had been studying barefoot horse trimming.  Perfect, here was someone I could talk to openly and honestly about the subject.  We sat down between the row of horse stalls at the stable he boards his horses.  We began with his attraction to the business, then discovered the key points of interest to him, and discovered a few tips about bare

  • Equine Transportation with EquiJet

    31/03/2020 Duration: 14min

    Equine Transportation with EquiJet In my world, equine transportation means loading up my horse in the trailer and driving for a few hours.  But I've often wondered what it was like for a horse being transported across the country or even around the world.  What is equine transportation mean to them?  What is it like for horses that qualify to get to the Olympics to compete, racehorses, or perhaps even a prize bull who moves from one ranch to another country?  I remembered the first time I flew in a plane.  It was kind of scary.  The power you feel on takeoff, the pressure changes, and the bumpy landings are unnerving.  I had an adult to explain everything was all right, but what about an animal? On today’s show is Bastain Schroeder of EquiJet, an equine transportation company.  EquiJet helps horses and livestock get from one place to another by plane. And it’s not just horses, EquiJet has even transported kangaroos and Zonkies!  Bastain didn't set off to be in the equine transportation industry.  His career

  • Quick Update and How Ya Doing?

    24/03/2020 Duration: 02min

    Just a quck message between regular podcasts.

  • Carmalee Scarpitti Overcomes Difficult Challenges

    17/03/2020 Duration: 31min

    Carmalee Scarpitti Overcomes Difficult Challenges Carmalee Scarpitti loves learning.  In 2003, it turned her world upside down when she was in an accident with a drunk driver.  Badly injured, Carmalee was in a wheelchair for months.  Therapy worked to a point, but she need more help.  She found a therapeutic riding center, Horses for Hope, and began with one therapeutic riding session a week.  Her legs got stronger, her core strength improved too.  Her progress was so impressive, she took the leap and got her own horse, Macy. Carmalee Scarpitti wanted more and searched the internet for articles and videos on horsemanship.  her thirst for information was insatiable.  She kept studying, riding, and getting stronger.  By a lucky draw, while on a trail ride, Camalee won a year membership to Julie Goodnight's Horsemaster Academy.  The program ignited her desire to learn more.  She found the program very helpful and wanted to share her experiences with other people.  Carmalee completed the Horsemaster Academy in ju

  • April Hardeman from the Rein In Your Herd Podcast

    03/03/2020 Duration: 15min

    April Hardeman from the Rein In Your Herd Podcast April Hardeman is a horsewoman that has lived as a military wife in Germany for the last three years.  Wanting a job in the horse industry, April she started Make It Rein, a consulting company helping equine businesses negotiate the quagmire of online technology.  In today's' podcast, April offers advice to someone in or thinking about starting an equine business.  She explains the different types of social media.  What is an SEO media.? What are the real "social" types of social media? Rein Your Herd Podcast To help people learn more about using social media, create content, and other topics related to online business, she team up with Laura Langfitt to produce the Rein In Your Herd Podcast.  Laura has her own business called Unbridled Content marketing.  Laura uses stories to help business create an engaged community.  Recent podcast episodes like the  one titled "Taking Messy Action" deal with  insecurities all creators face.  They also interview guests wh

  • Inspiration with John Toli

    18/02/2020 Duration: 19min

    Inspiration with John Toli Something completely unexpected happened to John Toli.  John is a regular listener of the podcast and his story involves respected horseman Buster McLaury.  The whole story began with a vacation/horse clinic trip John took with his wife Lisa.  John didn't want to tell the story because he met a horseman and wanted to brag about.  He wants to tell his story to inspire others to say "yes" to opportunity.   John took a chance and reached out to Buster to help him train his horse.  What he didn't know was that it would lead to such a special friendship. John wants people to know that we all have insecurities and doubts.  He wants you to know how his life was enriched when he didn't give in to those insecurities. And that's the wonderful thing about producing this podcast.  Listeners from all over the world have reached out to me to share their thoughts and ideas.  The horse has brought us together.  By sharing our knowledge and experience with one another we grow.  We grow not only has

  • TJ Clibborn Horseman, Trainer

    04/02/2020 Duration: 30min

    TJ Clibborn Horseman, All-Around Trainer, Mustang Makeover Competitor I received an email from listener Mercedes Tucker who told me how much TJ Clibborn helped her with her mustang Bud.  She said he was a good guy, knew his stuff, and thought he would make a great guest. She was right. TJ Clibborn has been working with horses for 40 years.  He lives in Wisconsin and operating his business called A True Partnership.  In 2009, he teamed up with the Mustang Heritage Foundation and since then has competed in 15 Extreme Mustang Makeover training challenges. He has trained 13 top ten finalists, one reserve champion and one grand champion. He has also trained champions in disciplines of jumping, cutting and western pleasure. I caught up with TJ right after he finished with his horses on a snowy morning at his ranch in Deerfield.  Sometimes you can get a feel for a trainer by how easy and comfortable they are to talk to. TJ is one of those people generous with both his time and his knowledge. We cover a Wide Variety

  • Setting Goals for 2020

    21/01/2020 Duration: 08min

    Setting Goals for 2020 Here it is 2020 and since it’s January, let’s talk about goals. As I look over the outline of what I want to talk about, it sounds like I’m complaining. That’s the thing with goals. There are stumbling blocks one has to get over completing them. I’m simply letting you know what mine were.  Now I wasn’t going to even set horsemanship goals this year.  had set no horsemanship goals until I got an email from a listener, “Hey John, what projects are you working on?” And it really got me thinking about what I wanted to do with the horses this year. Over the course of my horse ownership years, I have competed little in the show ring. If you’ve listened awhile you know this, but if you’re new to the show, it’s important you know I didn’t grow up around horses, I came to them in my 50s. The reason I haven’t competed with horses is #1 because it’s expensive. I think if you grow up around horses you get used to their cost over the years. It becomes another expense. When you get your first horse

  • Equestrian Adventuresses with Krystal Kelly

    07/01/2020 Duration: 25min

    Equestrian Adventuresses with Krystal Kelly Krystal Kelly knows how to live a global life with horses.  She has been to many countries teaching horsemanship.  She's been to rich countries and poor countries.  She's traveled to places where horses are popular.  She has traveled to places teaching first-time riders.  But, her true passion is connecting women with horses and adventures.  It's why she created Equestrian Adventuresses.  Her mission is,  "To empower women around the world to pursue their passion for adventure with horses." We talked to Krystal about a year ago on the podcast.  She told us about her experiences in Bhutan and in running in the Mongol Derby.  Since then, she has been working on this Equestrian Adventuresses project.  She has a Facebook group connecting women worldwide.  There is a  YouTube Channel chronicling her adventures.  She offers online courses on travel.  And, you can listen to the Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast.  She organizes equestrian riding adventures.  And has a team o

  • Jonathan Field Horsemanship Revisits

    26/11/2019 Duration: 26min

    Jonathan Field Horsemanship Revisits I first interviewed Jonathan Field over four years ago.  Earlier this year I had heard he performed a TEDex talk in San Juan.  It was one of those deals where you tell yourself, "I've got to listen to that sometime."  Time kept getting away from me and I put it off a couple of times.  Finally, I had some extra time and did a Google search and found it.  It was an inspiring talk,  You can listen to it here:  Jonathan Field Finding Your Sweet Spot in Life. Jonathan Fields holds clinics all across the country and just released his 2020 schedule.  There are five different levels of Jonathan's courses and I wanted to learn about the difference between.  Through this conversation, we learn what's important about Jonathan Field Horsemanship.  He talks about philosophy and provides insight on what he focuses on during the camps and clinics. Of course, it wouldn't be a conversation with a trainer if I didn't ask for some free advice.  Jonathan gives us some exercises we can do wi

  • Teach Judge Compete with Your Horse

    12/11/2019 Duration: 11min

    Teach Judge Compete with Your Horse It’s been an interesting couple of months for me.  In 8 weeks I’ve taught some horse owners basic horsemanship, competed in a trail trial, and then judged others competing. As I went through this unplanned process, I got to see the three phases of competing from several points of view.  There are three components in competition (without a cow), there’s you the rider, the horse, and the judge. To score well, you all have to be in sync. Our local stable was holding a Halloween arena trail trial.  They would like to see their boarders become more involved with their horses.  Naturally, if the horse owners work and build a better connection with their horses, they’ll enjoy them more, and the result, they will be happier customers for the stables.  It’s interesting and a little sad, how many people who have horses at stables, that lose interest in them. Anyway, they asked for my help with the trail trial - which it thrilled me to do - and as part of this program, stable managem

  • Comanche the Horse of Little Big Horn

    29/10/2019 Duration: 28min

    Comanche the Horse of Little Big Horn Janet Barrett wrote a fascinating book about Comanche, the sole surviving horse of the Battle of Little Big Horn,  The story begins with Captain Myles Keogh an Irish immigrant who was a soldier for hire.   After riding for the Pope in Italy, he came to America to fight in the Civil War.  After much research, Janet pieced together the life of Captain Keogh and the story of how he gained Comanche.   Titled, Comanche and his Captain, The Warhorse and the Soldier of Fortune, the book is available on Amazon. You may remember Janet from a previous podcast about They Called Her Reckless, the story of a Korean Warhorse.  A dedicated author, Janet tells the story of Comanche after delving into volumes of research, stories, and anecdotes about the Battle of Little Bighorn.  Because the only survivors were Indians, the details of the actual battle are often difficult to determine.  That's not to disparage Indian storytellers, only to say that the details they relayed were heard we

  • The Masterson Method with Will Friday

    15/10/2019 Duration: 26min

    The Masterson Method with Will Friday Will Friday is a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner.  I ran across Will Friday at the Skills of the Rancho this summer.  The Skills celebrates the tradition of the Californio Bridlehorse.  I was walking around the stables when I saw this man doing what looked like a cross between chiropractic and massage on a horse in the breezeway.  I stood and watched for a while and found the procedure fascinating.  As Will skillfully tugged, pulled, and laid his fingers on the horse, I could see the horse relax.  In our short conversation that day, Will said he was trying to let the horse release tension and soreness in his body using the Masterson Method. The Masterson Method, developed by horseman Jim Masterson, is a systematic way of releasing tension and soreness in horses.  The procedure can last between 1 and 2 hours as the practitioner places fingers along the horse's body looking for areas of tension and soreness. I contacted Will at his company Performance Equine BodyWo

  • Learning from Simple Horsemanship

    01/10/2019 Duration: 07min

    Learning From the Basics Recently I attended a Working Ranch Cattle Clinic and before we began on the cattle, we went over learning basic maneuvers.  It surprised me how much I learned reviewing these very basic exercises.  While working on the simple things like small circles, yielding hind and forequarters, and backing up, I notice a lot more details.  How much pressure was I using?  Was I making contact in the same place for every cue?  did my horse have a "good" side and a "bad" side. Yes, I know it sounds simple,  Sometimes you have to work at the basics to get better at feel and timing.  When we worked the cattle, we had a much better experience.   My horse was more responsive, and it was easier to put him exactly where he needed to be. Join Us on this Journey We want you to be a part of the show.  Tell us about your horse.  Share your challenges, triumphs, or just everyday items that make horse ownership unique.  Create an audio file using the memo app on your phone.  Or, contact me and we'll set up a

  • Horsemanship in Germany

    17/09/2019 Duration: 14min

    Horsemanship in Germany I got a very thoughtful email from a listener.  Christian lives in Germany with his wife and three children. It sounds like he has a demanding white-collar job.  He was very complimentary of the podcast - one of his favorites was the episode with cowboy Bill Mooney - He encouraged us to keep producing them. Thanks Christian. I’ve had several emails back and forth with Christian.  His English is very good. Through the emails I’ve learned a little about his life and horsemanship in Germany. He gave me permission to share some of his story. Horsemanship in Germany is different.  According to Christian,  women and girls dominate the horse industry. Now, I'm not saying that like it's a bad thing, only to show that Christian had a few more hurdles to get to where he is today.  His family was not wealthy, either.  For him to pursue his passion for horses as a teenager was definitively a challenge. And, when you pursue a dream, sometimes luck has a way of finding you too.  After college, Chr

  • Safety on the Trail - Learning the Ropes

    03/09/2019 Duration: 14min

    Safety on the Trail - Learning the Ropes It's a bit of a shame that we even have to talk about safety on the trail.  Once upon a time, it was you and your horse.  If you did a good job with your horse, you were safe.  Nowadays, there are outside factors.  Besides the usual dogs, as the open areas get gobbled up with developments, it forces many of us to ride in more urban areas.  That puts us into contact with more people who don't know or care about horses.  As homelessness increases, we encounter tents and encampments.  People come out begging for money.  Or as we ride along the river, they are along the bank bathing or doing dishes.  The site of someone splashing around in the water unsettles many horses. Thinking About Safety on the Trail I've found that a little preparation goes along way from preventing disaster.  Having a few basic tools at your fingertips can solve many problems.  Pepper Spray is a powerful deterrent for unwanted advances from both people and dogs.  Carrying a $2 whistle helps you a

  • Inspiration from a Listener Anna Supp 

    27/08/2019 Duration: 03min

    Inspiration from a Listener Anna Supp  Listener Anna Supp sent us this email in the hopes it would provide inspiration for others. If you have a story to share with others in our horse-loving community,  we would love to hear it. It can be about anything - your favorite trainer, your biggest "ah ha" moment, or the story of your horse.  Email to John@WhoaPodcast.com and I'll do the rest. Hi John, I discovered your podcast recently, and thanks to an 11 hour drive that day, got to listen through for most of the trip. I thought I’d share with you a story, whether you’ll read it or have any interest in it, I have no idea. But perhaps there’s a piece of it you may want to share with someone that needs inspiration. My story is about coming back from an injury and redefining myself as a horse(wo)man in the wake of an accident. I’m 32 years old, and my horsemanship background is a little unique. I grew up very poor, in a family that did not (nor was able to) support my passion for horses, but I always found a way t

  • Horse Show Preparation

    20/08/2019 Duration: 15min

    Horse Show Preparation What does it take to prepare for a horse show?  We're not sure.  We're amateurs at this.  But, what we can tell you is how we prepared for our horse show. Ranae and I work together.  We each have our strengths.  Ranae is better at seeing my mistakes while riding.  She helps me with posture, where my hands are, and keeps me looking good while in the saddle.  I'm good at helping her with the cues she gives Dusty.  If she is clear and decisive with him, he works much better for her.  We have an agreement that whatever we say to each other while practicing stays out on the trail. Some people are great at horse shows.  They read the rule book, talk to the judges, check their scorecard after every appearance.  I wish sometimes I were more like that.  Reading the rulebook is like reading a software license - it makes my hair hurt.  Judges intimidate me.  And, I always forget to go back and check my scorecard. Horse Shows Are A Good way to Meet Friends But, going to horse shows is a good way t

  • Vesicular Stomatitis

    06/08/2019 Duration: 12min

    Vesicular Stomatitis I had been hearing news about an equine disease vesicular stomatitis that was quarantining horses in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.  Looking for more about the disease, I contacted my vet, Dr. John Tolley of Bakersfield Large Animal Veterinary Hospital.  I recorded this interview on a Thursday, and I write this the following Tuesday.  The number of quarantined premises have doubled. If you look up the words "vesicular" and "stomatitis" on Google, you'll find vesicular means blister.  Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mouth.  Vesicular stomatitis usually presents in horses with blisters in the mouth, lips, and coronary bands.  The disease spreads several ways, but most commonly through flies and mosquitos.  Some of those flies can move 150 miles in a day.  I wasn't able to find a good answer about a vaccine for VSV.  It is a summer disease and spreads up from the gulf in Texas. Dr. Tolley gives us the details on vesicular stomatitis.  He talks about suspected origins and wh

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