Embarrassing Outbursts: (i Am Not Adam Curry)



Left and Liberal.HOME OF "PAT ROBERTSON AS READ BY A VOICE OF GOD" comedy series! News and pop-culture from a student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago who's into...news and pop-culture. I enjoy embarrassing myself. Listen LIVE at freeradiosaic.org on Wednesdays 6-7. Podcast the show here and get extra outbursts!


  • ITL March 8th, 2006

    09/03/2006 Duration: 01h13min

    Vacation! Luau! Alabama bombing brats said it was "a joke!" I talk about things!

  • ITL February 15th, 2006

    18/02/2006 Duration: 01h15min

    E-mail with comments or crit. or nonsense at kbarrick.podomatic.com. Show from Wednesday February 15th, 2006 on FREERADIOSAIC.ORG.

  • In The Loop 2.1.06

    02/02/2006 Duration: 01h09min

    This show aired on FreeRadioSAIC.org on Wednesday February 1st, 2006. Theme of this show: Things I Don't Know! Includes an interview with SAIC poet and artist Nathan Stanton. This show went really well!

  • Heart Aches At Christmas Part 1

    06/01/2006 Duration: 36min

    Part One of me in Montana while my Dad has unexpected Holiday Open Heart Surgery. This is from the night before his surgery.

  • Crazy conservative material on podomatic and my newly found home at Air America Place and the Stephanie Miller show.

    20/12/2005 Duration: 22min

    Fucked-up conservative material on Pod-o-matic. Don't talk about religion or politics. Back door Santa. Frustration. I'm going back to reading 1776. Also, Chinese labor sucks. Aren't they communists anyways? And I just saw that the Cubs lost Nomar!?!?!?! WTF?!?

  • In The Loop 12.14.05

    15/12/2005 Duration: 01h27min

    Hey listeners! This is the last show this year from the FreeRadioSAIC studios. This ep. has material about Richard Pryor, Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the WAR ON CHRISTMAS, and the book (my new bible) "Don't Think of an Elephant." I'll still be podcasting during the break so this isn't the last show of the year or anything like that. Please feel free to comment or send me a message if ya like.

  • "In the Loop" for 12.07.05

    08/12/2005 Duration: 01h02min

    THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!! It's the show that aired tonight on FreeRadioSAIC.org that pretty much NO ONE listened to. It also happens to be, what I consider, the best episode I've done so far. My friend Zach helps me out as we discuss some Iraq news and the OTHER war that Fox News is covering: THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS!Give it a listen! I think this would make a good podcast format...Hmmm.

  • EO 11.29: So What Do You Think About Daylight Savings Time?

    29/11/2005 Duration: 26min

    Embarrassing Outburst 11.29: Thanksgiving political rants, why I can't be held responsible for what I say before I drink coffee, Morning Sedition: CANCELLED, Arrested Development: CANCELLED(?), and promo for FREERADIOSAIC.org and "In the Loop."

  • Website Talkback Dramatic Interpretation #1: RENT!

    23/11/2005 Duration: 04min

    An interpretation of Napster 1's comments on the Aint-it-Cool-News message boards. A brilliant mind who spells "you're" and "your" not to mention wrote this completely in caps. Yes. I'm mocking this. It's short! It's funny! It's worth a shot! Thanks so much! And I'd love it if you'd leave a comment!


    20/11/2005 Duration: 06min

    Episode 2 of "Pat Robertson as read by a Voice of God." Today's Word answers questions on Pilates, sugar, and homosexuality.


    16/11/2005 Duration: 12min

    Pat Robertson would be taken so much more seriously if his voice had a more commanding presence. Download and tell friends if it strikes your fancy.

  • Never drop things out of windows, Never call ex-boyfriends for ANY reason, and NEVER record a podcast right before going to sleep.

    14/11/2005 Duration: 11min

    Never buy more than 3 seasons of a show after a break-up. Never make hardcore decisions while having PMS. Never let your mom REALLY like your boyfriend. Never doubt that SOME kind of damage will be done if you drop something out a window. Never doubt that residence hall employees have the right to search your room. Never be the survivor of a suicide attack. Never start a story in a podcast and not finish it like I did in this episode. And most importantly: Never be ANYTHING like Ken Mehlman. Except being gay. You can be gay like him. That's okay.

  • Embarrassing Outburst for 11.11.05

    11/11/2005 Duration: 09min

    First day of my pledge to do a podcast every day. This one's me talking about the difficulties of starting a podcast or radio show from nothing and getting inspired by Newsweek and Howard Dean.

  • 10-5: Coffee, sexual predators, and long distance ex-boyfriends

    05/11/2005 Duration: 24min

    Pod-o-matic is starting to piss me off. But this is about the Wednesday show, coffee, Dateline NBC, sexual predators, and reprocussions of the end of a long-distance relationship. Download it. Please?

  • freeradiosaic.org's "In the Loop" 10/19 Episode #2

    01/11/2005 Duration: 01h13min

    Episode two. Download it and give it a try. I'm working on the format and such. Go to the blog at MTOUTBURST.BLOGSPOT.COM!!!