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Sean Stillman rants, reflects and banters on issues that are important to Zac's Place.......A Church For Ragamuffins in Swansea, Wales.Podcasts include previously recorded TV and radio broadcasts, interviews and messages/sermons from different venues.


  • The BBC Radio Wales All Things Considered Interview with Sean Stillman - 30/9/12

    The BBC Radio Wales 'All Things Considered' Interview with Sean Stillman - 30/9/12

    31/10/2012 Duration: 27min

    Sean Stillman is interviewed by Roy Jenkins for the award winning BBC Radio Wales programme, 'All Things Considered'. Original transmission date was 30/9/12. Produced by Lisa Hawkins. Roy Jenkins is in Swansea to meet Sean Stillman, the Harley Davidson riding preacher who is behind one of the most distinctive places of worship in Wales - ‘Zac’s Place’ which describes itself as ‘A Church for Ragamuffins’. Religious and ethical affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner. Also available as a free weekly podcast at Visit the programme web site for current episodes at: This podcast upload by Exousia Trust (Zac's Place) has been granted permission from BBC Radio Wales and is subject to the conditions set out below. Terms of Use The BBC Podcasts are for your personal non-commercial use only. All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to the BBC Podcasts shall remain

  • John Smith Interview with Sean Stillman, Zacs Place at The Office 18/8/02

    John Smith Interview with Sean Stillman, Zac's Place at 'The Office' 18/8/02

    18/09/2010 Duration: 17min

    Aussie John Smith is interviewed by Sean Stillman at the regular Sunday night Zac's Place gathering as it was then at 'The Office' pub in Swansea city centre. Questions on being jailed and facing excecution, life influences and church struggles are all covered. Recorded, by Zac's Place, live in the public bar of The Office, Castle Square, Swansea, Wales to a mixed audience of around 150 people - bikers, musicians, artists, believers, seekers and cynics among them . . . . "John Smith's message is for people who want to do more than just listen" Bono U2 You can also find John's own podcast here: (Part two of this recording will eventually be posted there)

  • Sean Stillman at Tuggeranong Baptist Church, Canberra, Australia 9/11/09

    Sean Stillman at Tuggeranong Baptist Church, Canberra, Australia 9/11/09

    20/11/2009 Duration: 39min

    One of several dates during a two week tour in Australia. Most majored on the theme of 'misfits and mission'. This particular message focuses on Jesus encounter with Zacchaeus as recored in Luke 19 using reflections from his own life and experience at Zac's Place in Swansea, Wales. Recorded at Tuggeranong Baptist Church, Canberra, Australia 9/11/09

  • Sean Stillman, Interview

    Sean Stillman, Interview

    06/05/2008 Duration: 03min

    Swansea Bay Radio interview with Sean ref their Community Awards. April 2008

  • Sean Stillman, Zacs Place Reflection

    Sean Stillman, Zac's Place Reflection

    06/05/2008 Duration: 01min

    Who's Zac anyway? Originally recorded with HTV Wales, written by Sean. Used with permission.