Tune in with Spirit Fire Radio. Listen live every Wednesday @ 9am pacific / 12pm eastern.Purposeful living, practical spirituality... they sound like concepts we would all welcome into our lives!How do we bring compassion, tolerance, and hope to the forefront of our daily endeavors? What role do detachment and discernment play in bringing together our human family? Join hosts Steve Kramer from Spirit Fire and Dr. Dorothy Riddle from the School for Esoteric Studies as they explore spiritual concepts in practical terms. Tune in as they uncover ways that ageless wisdom can guide us in modern times. Spirit Fire Radio will challenge your thinking, offer insights, and discuss activities that foster goodwill in your life and the lives of those you touch.Steve is a certified teacher and practitioner of The Practice Of Living Awareness meditation technique. He is also President of The Board of Directors of Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization focused on cultivating spirituality and educating people on the importance of consciousness in their everyday lives. Steve is a teacher of Esoteric Healing, a form of subtle energy healing developed from the Ageless Wisdom teachings through the Tibetan Lama Djwal-Khul. He is also a certified Reiki Master practitioner. Steve lives in New England where he stewards Spirit Fire Retreat Center which has become a melting pot of spiritual traditions as teachers, students, practitioners, and contemplatives from all over the world come together in the name of conscious co-creation.


  • Finding Joy in Unsettling Times with Special Guest Steve Kramer!

    Finding Joy in Unsettling Times with Special Guest Steve Kramer!


    Joy is not something we earn or work toward. Joy exists within every moment, we simply need to reveal it. During these days of social distancing, it is imperative that we find goodness in the present moment. Well discuss mindfulness as a way to find joy in your day to day life. Watch live on Facebook.

  • Applying the Ageless Wisdom

    Applying the Ageless Wisdom


    As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have access to universal wisdom. Not only do we have access to it, but we are a collective embodiment of it. How do we apply this wisdom to our everyday lives and how does this wisdom assist us in stewarding planetary life? Join us as we explore these questions.

  • The Energy of Organization

    The Energy of Organization


    How do we harness the power to create order and what does this energy provide to us on the spiritual path? We wrap up our 5-part series on mental energies with the energy of organization. Join us.

  • Concrete Knowledge

    Concrete Knowledge


    Concrete Knowledge will be the theme of today's exploration of the various energies of the mind. This energy allows stimulates invention, finds facts, creates order, and develops practicalunderstanding. "Knowledge will set you free." May it be so.

  • Active Intelligence

    Active Intelligence


    For the month of April we will explore the energies of the mind. These discussions are intended to compliment last month's exploration of the energies of the heart. Active Intelligence as a quality of Mind will be the theme of today's show.

  • Idealism and Devotion

    Idealism and Devotion


    We conclude our month-long journey through energies of the heart with a look at idealism and devotion. These energies serve well in dedicating ourselves to a cause; they can also create the fanatic. Join us for as lively discussion on ways to access and express idealism and devotion for the greater good of us all.

  • Harmony Through Conflict

    Harmony Through Conflict


    We continue our month-long discussion of energies of the heart with a segment on harmony through conflict. How do we bridge different approaches to life and the human experience? How do we find common ground with so much diversity in world? We utilize the heart amd its capacity to resonate. Join us.

  • The Energy of Love-Wisdom

    The Energy of Love-Wisdom


    For the rest of March, we will be examining three of the seven types of energy in our universe. In February, we looked at the energy of Will and how we can best work with it. Now we will be examining how we work with three of the seven energies that we can think of as related to Heart energy, starting with Love-Wisdom.

  • The Ethics of Using Will Energy

    The Ethics of Using Will Energy


    How do we wield the powerful force of Will and ensure that it is used for good. On today's show we will discuss goodwill and aligning our actions with a moral compass. Join us.

  • The Destructive Aspect of the Will

    The Destructive Aspect of the Will


    Destruction is usually seen as negative, yet we are costantly breaking down old forms and replacing them with new. This is called progress or evolution. The energy of the will initiates and destroys. We will discuss these expressions on today's show. Join us.

  • The Creative Aspect of the Will

    The Creative Aspect of the Will


    The freedom to choose is one of the great attributes of human life. Generally, we choose our thoughts, our responses, and our actions. In doing so, we are working with the creative power of the Will. It is wise to be conscious of this energetic aspect of living. Join us for this discussion.

  • The Nature of the Will

    The Nature of the Will


    What is the energy that we call Will? What is its purpose and why is our understanding of this powerful force so important? How is it related to spiritual principles? Join us as we begin a new month and a new topic of conversation, the Energy of the Will.

  • How To Ensure Inclusive Social Action

    How To Ensure Inclusive Social Action


    "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is our responsibility to ensure that inclusivity prevails over divisiveness. This is the topic of today's show. Join us.

  • Implementing Social Action

    Implementing Social Action


    The 'when' and the 'how' of effective action in the face of social injustice can be a complex matter. We must be cautious not to fan the flame of evil, put ourselves in harm's way, or cause further divisiveness. On today's show we will offer discussion on the implementation of inclusive social action. Join us.

  • Preparing For Inclusive Social Action

    Preparing For Inclusive Social Action


    We may sense that social action is necessary but lack the skills or the impetus to get involved. On today's show we will discuss ways that we can prepare ourselves for inclusive social response. Join us.

  • The Importance of Inclusive Social Action

    The Importance of Inclusive Social Action


    How do we promote inclusivity and denounce divisiveness? There is a growing need to understand inclusive social action and find ways to impliment this type of action on our daily world stage. We will explore this topic for the month of January and offer an introduction on this show.

  • Cosmic Relations and Hope

    Cosmic Relations and Hope


    As the new year approaches, we will dive deep into the concept and quality of hope. Hope is cosmic in nature because it arises out of perceived limitations. It is expansive, creative, and generative. We will discuss the components of hope and ways to bring it forward in your 2019.

  • Cosmic Relations and Compassion

    Cosmic Relations and Compassion


    "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." This humbling quote is from theDalai Lama From a human perspective,the prospect ofworldwidelove and compassion seems like a tallorder. From a cosmic perspective, the relevance of humanity's presence on Earth seems quite small. So how do we rise to the need? How do we align with cosmic principles which support these qualities. Join us for the discussion.

  • Cosmic Relations and Our Moral Compass

    Cosmic Relations and Our Moral Compass


    A moral compass is an internalized set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behavior and decision-making. What if this was in relation to our cosmic selves? How might that affect our outlook and our actions? Join us for this conversation.

  • What Does It Mean To Be A Cosmic Citizen

    What Does It Mean To Be A Cosmic Citizen


    After spending seven months exploring universal principles and theirinfluenceon our personal growth, our society, our spiritual nature, and our capacity to generate goodwill, we look at the ways they shape us as cosmic citizens. Join us as we go galactic and its still all about you, us, amd the greater whole.

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