Dr. Linda Salvin



Dr. Linda Salvin has been called a prophetess. Listen to Dr. Linda Salvin and she will touch your soul. She is a para-psychologist, not just a psychic/healer/medium, with a PhD in metaphysics and is known as a "psychic's psychic." Fellow psychics consult her from cities across the United States. Oftentimes she has guests on her show including other psychics and metaphysical practitioners from related disciplines. Her show is a mix of sophisticated self-help advice, spiritual counsel and the wisdom provided by her special visions. People from all walks of life seek her guidanceCEOs of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, professionals, office clerks, blue-collar workersand everything in between.Dr. Linda is one of the original four radio psychics who broke ground for spiritual radio in the early 90s. She was the original radio psychic to syndicate for many years, before the internet came about. Her past radio shows stream on her website and she may return with her own show in the near future. More About Dr. Linda Salvin Noted Modern PsychicThrough her own healing and evolvement, Dr. Linda stopped running from the psychic phenomena within her after twelve years, embraced the gift and began to work on helping others. Emergency surgery in 1991 opened Dr. Linda up to being a healer and by 1992, she was working for Psychic Friends Network, the first 900 psychic line. She was asked to be in their TV Infomercial with Dionne Warwick and her career as a psychic began to flourish. By 1994, an LA FM Rock station, chose Linda out of over 300 applicants to be their night time psychic on a new format they were developing. Dr . Linda is one of the pioneers of psychic radio, establishing the format and opening doors on terrestrial radio with this topic. From there, Dr. Linda developed her own show and spent over 18 years on radio doing her spiritual and metaphysical format. In 1999, Dr. Linda developed her spiritual candle line, Wicks of Wisdom,to assist people in their spiritual growth. That lead to a TV infomercial which has lead to reaching more people to assist using spiritual tools such as candle magic. During that time, Dr. Linda earned her PhD in Metaphysics. Dr. Linda is in private practice today with an international following. She has taken a break from producing and hosting her radio show live while branching out in other areas.She is available for consultations by appointment.