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STKS 113: TANTRA & ADDICTION RECOVERY with, Akasha Prem Ganga



TANTRA & ADDICTION RECOVERY with, Akasha Prem Ganga. A playful metaphysician. She has studied with Sages and Guru’s from around the world, including Margot Anand, Dr. John LaTourette, Werner Earhardt and others. Native American, Hindu, Taoist, Tibetan and South African technique. She practices various healing arts including meditation, self-hypnosis, reiki, energy medicine, Huna and TantraIn this episode, Akasha shares from the 112 Hindu Tantric techniques that support living in powerful presence with ALL that is. She compassionately reveals her personal journey from addict to playful metaphysician. Explore how what the mind thinks the body follows. Cultivate the inner awareness of self-love that is woven into the universal principal of attraction. Create dynamic meditations that increase body awareness.