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Staying Away From The Trouble - December's Q&A!



Video version: The questions: 00:46 How bad has the occult community become over the last two years? 05:23 What's the most fun you had in 2021? 07:23 Dirty Dianna or Darling Nikki? 07:32 New Year's Resolutions and are you gonna set yourself some? 11:22 Psionic Magic? 13:08 Christmas Superstitions? 15:15 If you could create a new magical title what would it be? 17:25 Three tips to start on your magical journey? 20:54 Most magical place I have been to? My history in music: AIWW Stuart Wilde post: _ _ _ _ _ Join the PATREON: Join the DISCORD Send a donation via PAYPAL Buy Me a Book: Buy me something off my AMAZON WISH LIST