Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

The Gift of our Emotional Nature



Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and the Divine Feminine Awakening Series. Despite the prevailing paradigm, there is great strength in our capacity to meet our tender and vulnerable feelings. Those of us who are hardwired to be emotionally sensitive have a unique and often overlooked perspective on this skill.  In this 2018 re-release we will explore the value and contribution of our emotional nature as well as the unique gifts of emotional sensitivity. Whether we're deeply emotional or not we all must learn to trust our emotional nature. This integral dimension of our humanity is often devalued and suppressed. In this episode:  How the culture we live in is not set up to support those of us who are predominately emotional. Why it’s so vitally important to really feel our feelings and the risk that comes from not doing so. How by looking at the expression of emotions from babies, we can see how detached we’ve become from our emotions. Why if you are deeply emotional, it’s so important to un