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Art Is Magick, Magick is Art!



Video Version: In this vlog I try to answer one of Grayson 's questions: "Do your enlightenment experiences affect your magical practice? Like, if you did a banishing ritual (just to choose something random) now, would it feel different than one before your awakenings?" and instead talk about why art is the same thing as Magick. (I do sorta answer the question though too - I hope :P ) Alan Moore - Art & Magick Duncan Barford - Art _ _ _ _ _ Join the PATREON: Join the DISCORD Send a donation via PAYPAL Buy Me a Book: Buy me something off my AMAZON WISH LIST _ _ _ _ _ Executive Producers: Christopher Moore, Dylan Sticker, Lindsey Renee Piker, Marcio Mendonca, Rodrigo Franco, Natasha Von St