Menu Stories Podcast

Chef Gonzalo Guzman, Nopalito



Chef Gonzalo Guzman of Nopalito, one of San Francisco's most beloved Mexican restaurants, meets with Rebecca Goberstein on Nopalito on 9th's beautiful garden patio. The day was sunny, the kitchen was preparing for lunch, and the birds were kind enough to provide some background music. Raised in what he calls a 'box' of a house in Veracruz, Mexico, Guzman prepared his first meal, a pot of beans, at the age of six. As you listen to Guzman share his story, it'll be impossible to ignore his work ethic, his humility, and his total dedication to excellent food that reflects the Mexico that Guzman is proud to hail from. He was only a teenager when he made the difficult move away from his family in Mexico to work in the United States. And work, he did. Guzman constantly held multiple jobs at one time, starting out as a dishwasher at age 15. Because of the pride he takes in everything he does, even washing dishes, Guzman kept moving up the ranks of the kitchen, eventually impressing chef Laurence Jossel, owner of Nopa