Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

From Barriers to Bridges with Maria A. Rodriguez



Nine years ago, licensed clinical social worker turned evolutionary revolutionary, Maria A Rodriguez received a compelling and complete download of divine wisdom for modern times called The Treatise.   From Barriers to Bridges: A Treatise is not so much a book to read as it is something for you to experience. With the light air and cadence reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”, The Treatise delivers game-changing wisdom in a potent and memorable way. At a time when we are looking for solutions to all we see in the world around us, The Treatise delivers an important key in an easily accessible form offering humanity hope and possibility for a better way to live and create our world together.   Together Maria and I unpack the wisdom of "from barriers to bridges" and its practical application in our personal and collective lives. She leads us through an illuminating exercise from The Treatise you can use again and again.   To purchase the Treatise: To connect