Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

Our Moon cycle and Creative Power



Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and the Divine Feminine Awakening Series. Our creative power as women is intimately tied to our fertility and moon cycle. For millennia the overculture has used shame and control to disconnect us from this source of power. In this 2018 re-release, I share my final passage with my Moon cycle. And I extend an invitation to shed internal or external misogyny experienced at any stage of our Moon time journey including first periods, PMS, bleeding, peri, and menopause. Together we can call out the old stories, cultural messages, rejection, shame, and powerlessness and find the heart of our creative power in our cycle. Discussed in this episode: How my early beliefs about my body affected my relationship with my cycle How viewing my Cycle or Moon Time as an immense gift of creative power changed my relationship with it Why learning to partner with your cycle can lead to empowerment vs. disempowerment How I’ve come to understand the true meaning and purpose of PMS