Stephen J. Kosmyna

This is Your Life - Wake Up and Live it NOW!



Are you really living the life you would love to live? In this episode I Am asking you to step back as the observer and look at your life. Sure, we all want to be, do and have so much more but almost all people are simply living their yesterdays all over again, These days turn into the next month and the new month turns out to be the same as the last month. These months become years and these years become your life. Many people set out with good intentions to make some changes. They attend the seminar, make some notes, read the book, listen to some audio, or attend an inspirational event or retreat. Before long however, the book goes back up on the shelf, the audio program is buried somewhere in the computer, and everything is out of sight, out of mind and no longer studied. Worse yet they say, "I finished the program, it was great!" yet no lasting changes were really made and before long the same old results are back. Life once again is the same as it has always been. Listen in today to find out why. There i