Stephen J. Kosmyna

Forgiving the Shadows



When we study personal and professional development we are really learning to increase our level of awareness. We begin by taking personal responsibility for what is showing up in our lives and then we experience transformation by living from the inside out rather than the outside in. To eliminate the roadblocks that prevent us from making quantum leaps when it comes to goal achievement, we must consider forgiveness. Listen to what best selling author, psychologist and Buddhist meditation teacher Jack Kornfield has to say about this: "For most people forgiveness is a process. When you have been deeply wounded, the work of forgiveness can take years. It will go through many stages - grief, rage, sorrow, fear and confusion - and in the end, if you let yourself feel the pain you carry, it will come as a relief, as a release for your heart. You will see that forgiveness is fundamentally for your own sake, a way to carry the pain of the past no longer. The fate of the person who harmed you, whether they be alive o