Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

Relationships as a Catalyst for Sovereignty



Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and my Divine Feminine Awakening Series.  This series provides emerging wisdom from my own journey of feminine awakening delivered episode by episode in real-time over the last 5 years. Through my present-day lens, I’ve chosen the most vital topics to revisit with you.  My intention is to offer you wisdom, tools, and landmarks for your own journey of awakening.    This re-released episode is from September 2018. Relationship challenges provide some of our greatest catalysts for awakening our personal sovereignty. They offer us the opportunity to transform the disempowered patterns of people-pleasing, self-betrayal, and codependency into solid, sovereign self-love, honoring, and empowerment.  Listen in for a deep exploration into the transformation from disempowering relationship agreements to awakening soul contracts on our path to Sovereignty. Included is a powerful practice to shift beyond resentment and anger to loving empowerment in your most challenging re