Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

Prosperity, Power and Pleasure



Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and the Divine Feminine Awakening Series.  This October 2018 re-release episode explores the intersection of prosperity with personal empowerment and pleasure in our lives. This episode is a blend of inspiration, new thought perspective, and pragmatic skills we need to cultivate to be financially sovereign. Discussed in the episode:   ~An overview of the 3 main areas of Financial Sovereignty: Generating Money; Managing       Money; Long Term Planning ~The skills needed to succeed in each of these areas. ~Our Value & Values ~Our relationship with power as women ~The link between our personal pleasure and prosperity This Divine Feminine Awakening series provides emerging wisdom from my own journey of feminine awakening delivered episode by episode in real-time over the last 5 years. Through my present-day lens, I’ve chosen the most vital topics to revisit with you.  May you recognize and receive tools, wisdom, and landmarks for your own journey of awakening.