Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

An Exploration of Sacred Feminine Flow



Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and the Divine Feminine Awakening Series.    Sacred Feminine Flow is the antidote to lack and scarcity consciousness. In this January 2018 re-release episode, we explore the multidimensional experience of sacred feminine flow. Discussed in the episode: The birth of the Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow Podcast What Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow really means at its deepest level A meditation to help you tune in to your own physical sacred feminine flow  Understanding lack consciousness How just like our bodies, the Universe can provide us with everything we need Insights gathered into sacred feminine flow from my experiences as a Womanspeak Leader   Why chasing the patriarchy’s version of perfection keeps us disconnected from our essential human nature Our sensual body as the doorway to experiencing sacred feminine flow Also Mentioned: WomanSpeak - Learn more and find a circle here: This Divine Feminine Awakening series provides