Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

The Role of Faith in Creating our Life



Welcome to Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow and the Divine Feminine Awakening Series.  Faith illuminates the possibilities for the life we create. It also paves the way to becoming the women we were born to be. This August 2019 re-release episode provides an opportunity to examine faith and it's role in creating our lives and visions. Discussed in the episode:  Why it’s important to have faith and how it can make your life more fulfilling. Inquiries and a quick exercise about the essence of faith, how it shows up in your life and feels in your body.  A story from the Bible that has guided me and helped me keep my focus on my point of faith.  Our capacity to co-creating and the role of faith in the process Examining the balance of faith in ourselves and faith in something bigger. Our inner masculine and feminine and how they connect to our faith  Ways to cultivate more faith in yourself & in something larger. My simple but powerful prayer for growing my faith.   This Divine Feminine Awakening