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Do Beauty Standards Need A Glow Up? with David Yi



This week on Getting Curious, Jonathan and David Yi explore the history of beauty beyond the gender binary. Listen in to learn about Neanderthals who used highlighters, Korean warriors who invented three-in-one sticks, ancient Egyptians who relied on anti-aging creams, and more stunning historical figures.   David Yi is the co-founder of good light, a gender-inclusive beauty brand, and editor of Very Good Light, a men's and masc-identifying beauty publication. They are the author of the new book PRETTY BOYS, which honors beauty icons past and present who have redefined masculinity and gender expression.    You can find David on Twitter and Instagram @seoulcialite; good light is; and Very Good Light is at @verygoodlight.   Find out what today’s guest and former guests are up to by following us on Instagram and Twitter @CuriousWithJVN. Transcripts for each episode are available at Check out Getting Curious merch at Listen to more music from Quiñ by hea