Kathleen Cowley, The Alpha-omega Organizer

Networking, the Least Expensive, Most Effective Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business



Are you good at face to face networking?Did you know that it can be the single most effective way to market your small or home-based business?It literally is the fastest way to build more relationships and more relationships coupled with consistent follow up leads to more customers and sales.You need to meet as many people as you can and then keep in touch with them consistently and persistently in order to stay on top of their minds at all times. So, in person networking is the fastest way to build your list of customers and prospects and even referral sources. You can network online these days too but there are rules, dos and definite don’ts to doing both.Learn all the easy and inexpensive tricks, habits, tips and strategies my guest used in her business networking that has catapulted her to a multi-six-figure small business. These secrets can be for the extrovert or the introvert and can apply to any business or personal networking setting.Join me and my guest, Katrina Sawa of Jump Start Your Marketing a