Kathleen Cowley, The Alpha-omega Organizer

Learn How To Qualify Your Prospects After Networking



How many of us end up chasing business that is simply never going to close? By learning how to qualify your prospects from the beginning, you can become more efficient in the art of turning a prospect into a client.Please join me and my guest, Jackie Kellso, founder of PointMaker Communications. Jackie is a professional development trainer and coach who specializes in interpersonal effectiveness - helping people communicate effectively so as to make positive impact on others when they engage in public speaking, presenting, business pitching, selling, networking and one-on-one communication. She has over twenty-three years of sales and sales management experience in high profile media companies (The New Yorker, New York Magazine, A&E Network, Viacom, iVillage, Hearst Magazines). Jackie provides one-on-one coaching, workshops and corporate training.