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Week 9 NFL recap; how many more ties will this season bring?



The NFL made major changes to the overtime rule so that a winner could be determined. The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks played a sloppy game that ended in a tie. This week the Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals traveled across the pond and gave the English crowd and extra 15 minutes of football. The New England Patriots look like they are in playoff form, defeating the Buffalo Bills. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles had a showdown in the NFC East, and Dak Prescott prevailed once again. The debate about Tony Romo coming back continues to grow. Jay Cutler showed some of that youthful promise on Monday night as the Chicago Bears dominated the Minnesota Vikings. Since the bye week, the Vikings have dropped themselves back into the pack, and lead the NFC North by one game. The Oakland Raiders might have had a beef with the NFL schedule makers when they saw five of their first eight games on the road. Jack Del Rio has ooached this Radier team to a perfect 5-0 record on the road. With ever