Seth Harwood Crime

As Much Protein as an Egg - 15



This is the last episode, friends, chapters 29 to The End.It's Ch 29, Ch 30 and Epilogue. It concludes our story!Who'd have thought this whole thing would happen in 2020, the craziest year I've ever known? COVID-19 and all it has wrought... led in some way to this podcast. And I could not have done it without my friend Carlos Mendoza on the mic!!Thank you, Carlos!!!I talk here about the new website, my coaching business site at and Ground Fiction journal. How about a few copies for your holiday gifts this year?Want to hear me do a Q&A episode? If so, drop your questions or thoughts here in the comments or email them to me. I love hearing from listeners! What's next from me here on Patreon? We shall see. I send you all of my best wishes, gratitude, and warmest holiday greetings.  -- Your pal, SH