Audrey Michel

Grounding in the Feminine with Dr. Nadine



What is feminine energy? What is the difference between feminine and masculine energy? What happens when these two energies are not balanced? Join me and Naturopath Dr. Nadine as we discuss how an imbalance in masculine and feminine energies affect, not only our health, but our effictiveness in the workplace. Dr. Nadine will be sharing her tips, and we will be taking calls to discuss how your workplace tentions could be solved by being balanced in your feminine energy. Get your questions answered by calling 800-930-2819 Meditation Albums offered by Dr. Nadine are: HOME AGAIN: brings you to your CenterPERMISSION: clears out Chakra's 1,2 and 3. It also has a track with the Violet FlameTranquility: expands the SoulCreated Just for You: a 30 minute meditation created just for that person. Coupon codes: 17EMPOWER5 This coupon gives $5 when you purchase all 3 Meditations by Dr Nadine CD's. So HOME AGAIN, PERMISSION and Tranquility. so all three MP3 Albums for $45Gift4Two_30 This is a coupon for the Gift