Seth Harwood Crime

As Much Protein as an Egg - Ep 3



Welcome to episode 3 of As Much Protein as an Egg. I hope you'll enjoy. Feel free to start HERE if you missed the first episodes. It'll get you all caught up. This week I give you ch. 3-4 and some shout outs to old friends, one of whom is Gomyo the Hoodie Monk. Check out this track off his latest CD. He brings the rhymes and paint from Japan by way of the US Midwest originally. Gomyo has been a listener since Jack Wakes Up. Props, man!His other recent video "Light Up" comes here. Well done!Hope this finds you well. Strange times indeed! Take care of yourself and yours. I also mentioned the newest Great American Novel, Valentine, by Elizabeth Wetmore. Right here!Check out Jenna Bush singing its praises.