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As Much Protein as an Egg - 01



Philboyd Studge III grabs the mic this week to begin his major novel, As Much Protein as an Egg. This is the long-hidden Director's Cut that fewer than 5 people on Earth have ever read before now.I'm making all the content here on Patreon free and also distributing it here via Shoutengine:I don't know how to have folks subscribe to Patreon's FREE stream here, so if you figure this out, please tell me.You can also subscribe FREE via iTunes here. How cool is that!?!?!Where else do you get podcasts these days? Let me know and I'll post there.ALSO, I'm staying mostly off the social media these days, so I'd very much appreciate you posting this content to your own accounts, friend lists, whatever. Please spread the word. That's how this can work best.I want to get back to slinging the content.Yer boy,SHFuture Urban Crime Kingpin