2: The Philosophy of Buying an Online Business With Walid Hajj



Walid has over 20 years of experience in the banking and technology industries as well as experience consulting some of the top Canadian financial institutions. He's also founded and led a 7-figure business that is one of the top property management and real estate investment agencies in Toronto. He's also the COO of MediaBlock Corporation, a father of two, and an avid kiteboarder. Covered In This Episode Why do you really want to be an entrepreneur? What is your value proposition? How to align your “why” with the business you buy. What kind of pain do you want? What to look for when you’re buying a website. Higher multiples for higher EBITDA. Domain authority. Website traffic. Interacting with and judging sellers. What to look for. Where does money come from and how does it influence you? How to create healthy working relationships and culture in an online business. How Kingmakers builds culture as a remote team (catching eagles) Parting advice for people looking to buy a business. Thank You Thanks for lis