3: Crucial Things to Do Before and After You Buy an Online Business with Ken Roberts



Kenneth Roberts is a website investor and entrepreneur that works with the top SEOs in the world to acquire and scale seven figure online businesses. In the last two years he has personally acquired five online businesses with successful exits to Wired Investors and Empire Flippers. Supremacy SEO dubbed him "The Leslie Knope of SEO" last year and he was recognized by Google as an "All Star Partner". Covered In This Episode Ken’s background in online business and digital marketing. The ultimate vision of Kingmakers - building community! Why would someone want to buy an online business? At what point does an online business truly generate passive income? Analyzing the different business passivity zones. Looking for businesses that aren’t systematized can be an easy win. The most common barriers to buying an online business and how you can overcome them. Some of the main things to look for during the due diligence process of buying an online business. What are backlinks and why are they important? Some of the t