7: Comprehensive Overview of Online Businesses With Hayden Miyamoto



In addition to being the co-founder of Kingmakers, Hayden Miyamoto is the founder of No Hat Digital and co-founder of Wired Investors. He has built and scaled several six and seven-figure businesses and has deep experience developing systems to scale websites. In this episode, we cover the building blocks of online business. For some of you, this information might seem fairly basic, but we think for the majority of you, this will be a fantastic overview of different online business models, their pros and cons, and how we think about risk mitigation and growth opportunities for each.  Covered In This Episode Common traffic channels, worst to best Facebook Organic (and FB IA) LinkedIn Organic Google News Organic SubReddits Quora FB groups/Pages SEO Email SEO risk diligence Email risk diligence Special use-case platforms Amazon (FBA) Adwords FB paid traffic Affiliate networks Monetization methods (worst to best) Ads Affiliate Physical product Direct lead-gen SaaS Info product The Kingmakers diligence c