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The crew for this week's episode: Captain Jeff, Dr. Steph, and Captain Nick. Airline Pilot Guy App - Android Airline Pilot Guy App - iPhone/iPad 32R Aviation Apparel Promo code APG gets you 10 percent off! NEWS Virgin Atlantic flight back in UK after 'laser incident' How dangerous are lasers to planes? CAAZ impounds US cargo plane . . . Bleeding body, millions of rands found on board Study: 90% Of Plane Landings Just Barely Pulled Off FEEDBACK Chris Randall - Long EZ "The Red Devil" Darren Card - Long-Haul Truck Driver in Australia Vinicius Rosa - Relationship Between Bad Weather and Fuel Consumption? Swedish Andreas - Build Your Own Jet Engine Matt/YogiMo - Cruising Levels/Performance? Big Ron - Air Facts Journal: Surviving a mid-air Phillip - CAVU to You Tillman - Jet Engine Maintenance, GA Winter Flying Bhavesh in KENYA - Lagos, Cadets Christopher Sims - Manual Flying Skills, Block Altitudes, STARS Björn Schippmann - Russian bomber explodes into fireball during take