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APG 219 – Pinching People’s Packages



The crew for this week's episode: Captain Jeff, Miami Rick, Dr. Steph, and Captain Nick Airline Pilot Guy App - Android Airline Pilot Guy App - iPhone/iPad 32R Aviation Apparel Promo code APG gets you 10 percent off! This week's Plane Tails by Captain Nick is entitled "An Interview with WWII Pilot Andy Anderson - Part Two" NEWS Airline chief sued by own pilots for claiming 'flying is easier than driving a car' Delta B712 near Nashville on May 8th 2016, turbulence drops engine cowl DHL claims its drones are first to deliver Aviation experts baffled after British Airways A380 lands at Heathrow with a SQUARE tyre China Eastern A319 at Kangding on May 1st 2016, struck approach lights on final approach FEEDBACK Tom - 747 Supertanker Firefighter Joe - X-15 pilot Manual Ham Radio Jim - Tailstrike @MIA, Fly-By-Wire Justin, Dan - Autothrottles Charles - FB re. Capt. Nick’s Plane Tails Jaime - Andes Crash/Cannibalism Jacob - Call Signs Liz - Pilot refuses to fly with