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APG 221 – APG Syndrome; What’s That Beeping Noise?



The crew for this week's episode: Captain Jeff, Dr. Steph, and Captain Nick Airline Pilot Guy App - Android Airline Pilot Guy App - iPhone/iPad 32R Aviation Apparel Promo code APG gets you 10 percent off! This week's Plane Tails by Captain Nick is entitled "An Interview with WWII Pilot Andy Anderson - Part Four" NEWS EgyptAir 804 Update IndiGo Pilots Dismissed After Mistaking Road For Runway 100ft from disaster: Drone flown ‘intentionally’ at passenger jet taking off nearly causes mid-air smash Delta deploys 'innovation lanes' to aid ATL security FEEDBACK Ryan - Airbus ROPS (Runway Overrun Protection System) Devin - Assumed Temperature Method Larry - B-737 Reduced Thrust Presentation Commercial Pilot Arnaud - La Fayette Squadron Glen - Untappd Frank - CHIRP Clark - ORD UFO Spencer - what qualifications are needed to become an airline pilot in the UK? Becoming a Pilot (BALPA) The Piloting Profession (BALPA) Asa - The Boeing has landed: Plane reach